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    Shouldn't the title of a movie be relevant to its theme?

    Why is the title of a film sometimes not relevant to the film's core story? Is there a reason why directors will deliberately put a title which is not related to the film's story? Enter this discussion to give possible suggestions for such a phenomenon.

    The title of a movie is an important part and the producers and directors are much concerned about it and decide it after going through many options.

    During the making of a movie, sometimes the title is changed also. Some producers feel that some particular letters or words are lucky for them and somehow manage to include them in the title. So most of the times the title will have some link with the theme or story of the movie though it is not always true.

    What is your opinion on this matter? Should the title of a movie be in line with its theme or it can be anything arbitrarily chosen?
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    It is always better to keep the title in line with the theme of the movie, but at times different titles can be given to keep the suspense alive. It is always thrilling to watch the movie when you are unable to guess anything from the title of the movie and especially when the title itself indicates suspense.

    I remember one such Bengali movie released two weeks ago, but suddenly it was withdrawn the next day from all the theatres screening that movie without assigning any reason. There was a protest also organized by the actors and crews of the movie and from their discussion, it is understood that there is hardly anything similar between the title and the storyline of the movie. The earlier movie, which was a superhit, of the same director was related to a particular theme and in that case, the title matched with the storyline. This time the storyline changed but the title of the movie revolved around the previous theme. Maybe the director thought those particular words lucky, though it's my guess.

    It is good if the title matches the theme, it is interesting if the name is catchy to keep the audience guessing and making the hall packed with audience. But it should not be something like a click baiter. That can hugely disappoint the audience.


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    It is true. The title should be always relevant to the story of the movie. The viewer will go to the movie by seeing the title. The title gives him some understanding of the movie. If the title is not relevant to the story of the movie, the audience may not like it.
    So the director of the movie and the producer should think strongly and then go for a name to the movie. As mentioned by the author they may have some strong beliefs about some letters and words. So they should see that the title will satisfy both the points.
    There are many movies which were failures at the box office due to the problem in naming. A movie showing about a social love story was named as Rama Katha (The story of Rama). Many people thought that the movie is all about Ramayan.

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    Title of a movie is a very important thing but it is not necessary that it will be reflecting the overall theme of the movie.

    Sometimes, the filmmakers will name the movies just like that selecting some catchy title which may attract the audience.

    The interesting point is that if the movie is hit and famous then people will remember its name whether that has anything to do with the theme or not.

    Sometimes the titles are literary as well as subtle and have a deep sentimental meaning and are related to the ups and down in the movies.

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    Title's relevance to the story and its repeated usage is just to make it catchy enough for audience to byheart the name. Then your movie would be popular for sure. Titles can sometimes be utterly irrelavent too, saying their own story. That is another awesome method that authors use. But title is for us to customize. Generally, the smaller the title the better. The font of title is nowadays major thing to be concerned about too. Titles are like the baits of fishing line. They must be attractive to attract.
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    The reality is that the bigger the celebrity is the more superstitious he or she would be and seems to be that >70 % of the Bollywood industry moves around this. If we take a note of most of the actors then then the original names of theirs are something else. In context to finding the name of a movie than again few are attached to some presumptions like as a starter the Akshay Kumar (originally as "Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia") got stuck with it films consisting of the term "KHILADI" but as those movies were consisting mostly of actions & therefore the audiences never bothered of the actual contents. In addition, there would be many more if we continue to look out for others too but in whatever ways we need the entertainment & therefore forget about the title of the movie & concentrate on the subject matter & the message that this consists of because this might be the case that the title suits with director but can be a big disappointment for the audiences.

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    In one of the instances, how would you imagine when I say "ZANZEER". This used to be the super hit movie of Amitabh Bachchan & Ajit which were released on 11.05.1973. The idea behind this title would be different for different individuals & few would come in support & possibly few would go on suggesting with some different name but I would prefer those who judge it with their invested money, means complete value of money.

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    I feel there should be some connection between the title and the story of the movie. The title can be directly linking with the story, or it can be ironical too but has to have some connection. A satiric title sounds catchy if the theme of the movie is a satire. It is always good to have some link.

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    It is necessary that the title and theme should have a link. At the same time, the title should be attractive. Most of the films have the name of the key characteristics of the film. It was in the past that the film titles attracted the audience. But these days, the titles are lengthy and no title is interesting, and also the films.
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