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    How to judge if a "wink" is friendly or flirting?

    We always consider small gestures like touching, patting, winking etc flirting as well as friendly. It depends on the person who is it and in what sense he does it.

    We have some people in our lives who are witty and friendly they will wink at you but they don't mean anything and there are people who will wink at you to just to see what happens.

    There are few people too for them winking is like any other involuntary movement of the body. They wink when they anything attractive or anything interesting.

    So it's not that winking is considered flirting it may be done as a friendly gesture like Priya Varrier did in the song.

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    We can not take every winking as a sign of offensive gesture or flirting. We have to see the context in which it is used.

    If one is friendly with one's father and to emphasize a points winks then the father will not feel offended.

    But in a gathering, if one meets a girl or the girl meets a boy for the first time and just after the introduction one of them winks on other it will not be liked and can be taken as an offense.

    If you wink to your teacher in the classroom he or she may despise you.

    The ulterior motives associated with winking are deeply rooted in our social system and we must respect those feelings before winking.

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    Yeah some just have this habit of winking voluntarily. Mouth gives away the intentions I guess. If you a smile with mouth open, the person is just fooling around. The mouth closed smiling, something called as a smirk or a smug smiling though is something serious. The person might be displaying their romantic interest. This is important to know because we might miss opportunities if we can't figure if someone is flirting. Another way of telling is, looking straight into the eye of the winker for following seconds. If they did look into your eyes for that long then it's a romantic interest. If they divert their eyes, then it is just for fun.
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    We have to understand the situation in which wink is used. Always it will not be a signal of filtering. Sometimes that is used as a good signal also. So let us not take this signal as a negative indication.
    The author made a very good attempt to bring out the concept very nicely.

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    An interesting thread and one who observes this activity between two may not be an expert always to guess whether it's a flirting or a friendly wink.

    But by observing closely at different situations there is a chance to gauge why someone winked. Only an expert has a good idea about the reason behind every wink. So, be an observer first and then wink if you feel it necessary.


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    The author has explained the anatomy of winking in clear and simple terms and how to differentiate between the normal as well as offending one. Good post.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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