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    Why can't India use drones to attack terrorist camps instead for man-powered aircraft?

    Why can't India use drones to attack terrorist camps when the U.S is using drones in its military for similar purposes. They can be operated at the ground.
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    To locate the hideouts of terrorists and to nab them with whatever method drone or jet or combat forces, is the most difficult task worldwide today.

    The spy agencies and cross country detectives also fail on these espionage projects miserably.

    So pinpointing and destroying the terrorist hideouts is not as simple as that.

    If we remember even the US had a herculean task to nab and arrest one such terrorist leader in the past and the whole world was watching that operation continuously.

    Yes, with technological advancements and exact information about the target, it can be achieved but the possibility of shooting down the drone before it reaches the target is also very high as technology advances in all directions.

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    Here are why I assume:

    1. At some areas drones are inaccessible.
    2. Drones are not entertained internationally outside your country's borders. The drone would be intercepted right away.
    3. Drones cannot for hundred percent eliminate the said target. They can fire at immense range and power but to make sure the target is eliminated entirely is only possible for humans. We would kill terrorists or non-state agents by repeatedly attacking them.
    4. Drones cannot improvise. We won't be ready for a hostage situation. We won't be ready for unforseen, unplanned events.
    5. We are still in importing phase of drones. So we won't be so liberal in their use.

    These are the points I think of. What do you say?

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    Drone is an unmanned aircraft preprogrammed with a flight plan. The aircraft would fly in either a straight line or around in circles. The engine will run till fuel is sufficient and then will land. These days drone has evolved into a normal term. This will be used for any unmanned robot either preprogrammed or remotely controlled. The important uses are
    1. The drones which are used only by the military are known as attack drones. These drones are equipped with lethal weapons and used for controlled air strikes in a hostel or inaccessible areas. But I think India is not fully equipped with these drones and still, they may have to wait a long for the same.
    There are some drones which are equipped with non-lethal weapons such as tear gas or sound cannons and they are called crowd control drones. These drones are used to disperse large indisciplined crowds without causing any substantial physical harm.
    There is another type of drones called delivery drones. They are developed for the military to deliver goods to ground troops,
    India has to go a long way to get the full advantage of these drones.

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    Could be a good suggestion but there must be few very essential reasons that these still not being in use. Before going ahead with the reasons, we can take an instance of the unmanned vehicles run by the google maps which so far hasn't been a success on roads as the major part the trials run met with the accidents. One thing is important here that these instruments would prove out to be more useful when the terms & conditions are less but in case these terms & conditions goes on increasing than the reliability & performance would be downward & in these conditions the use of them would be impossible more essentially as a war instruments. Imagine when these leads to hacking from the enemy countries or the installed software have malfunctioned because these are being controlled remotely & being run by the software and then the result could be devastating.

    No doubt that the intelligence agencies are working in order to make these more compatible to the war situations but for the time being these can be used for collecting information only. Possibly we have come-up with the robots which can help us in defusing the bombs or explosive & therefore the process is already on.

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    It is easy to talk from an armchair. The India today is far from the India which had to face the Chines using the US supplied guns. Our army was just chicken to them then.
    We had come much much better equipped now. We are far more strong and confident now. Our scientists and engineers have done much for the nation's security and defence. The present government is more focused on making our armed forces and defence strong and self sufficient. But this cannot be achieved in one day. Many things under this category are still secret and/or sold at high cost. That is why Modi government proposed 'Make in India'. Many mocked him.

    We have to take it seriously and do research more and make more in India. We are definitely progressing in this direction also. People should also have faith and confidence and not be influenced by rumours and lies spread by vested interests.
    We also should not under estimate enemy and enemy's supporters. They may also use such aids. Moreover every aid has its own benefits and limitations. The designers and real users only know that.

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    A good suggestion. What can be better than a drone in a war. Only problem is the accuracy and pinpointing the location.

    The speed of a drone is also a limitation as it can be easily spotted and shot down by the ground forces in the enemy area.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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