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    Suggestion about writing article

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    Please read these two articles for clarification. Your doubts will be cleared.

    (i) This article
    (ii)this one

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    First of all, no caps lock. Do not use all caps to ask doubts.
    Here is what you must keep in mind while submitting articles –

    The content should be original and not lifted.
    Even if the content is original (that is it's authored by you), it should not have been published anywhere else.
    The content must be structured properly. The use of HTML tags is encouraged but limited to just a few tags. Please refer to submit article page for further reference.
    The content must be written in a fairly good language. SMS type text is discouraged.
    The content must be able to bring in traffic and socially relevant.
    Obscene or adult content is not allowed.

    Finally, go through the rules and guidelines for a better understanding. Also, browse through the resource section. Read a few articles. You can find my articles published here.

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    ISC is basically a knowledge sharing and educational portal. It has many sections which are equally vibrant with activities.

    Article section is also the important one where articles on various subjects are published.

    Though you can submit any type of article but the preferred ones are related to admissions in schools, colleges and institutions, information submission about them, related to career opportunities after education, guidance and tips for getting success in exams etc.

    You can just go through the latest articles in this site and you will have a feel of the topics covered therein.

    If you want guidance for good article writing then definitely you can read articles and guidance pieces for the same but what matters most is you have to write and revise and edit till you yourself become satisfied with the write up. Once you feel that they are comparable to the benchmark articles in the site you can submit them.

    Believe me, if you have joined here to improve your writing skills then you are at the right place and you will yourself see a phenomenal progress in your creative outputs in the area of article writing.

    Do not be discouraged if there are rejections or corrections in the beginning. Continue and edit your works and resubmit them.

    To reap the benefits of creative environment of this site, stay here for long and sharpen your skills.

    Knowledge is power.

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