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    Accidents will happen in the wink of an eye

    The road is very busy with vehicles. Many four wheelers, three wheelers and two wheelers are moving in both the directions on the road. It is becoming very difficult for pedestrians to cross the road. The footpaths are fully occupied by the roadside vendors. There is no chance for the people to walk on these footpaths also. These days this is what we are all witnessing practically in all the city roads. The drivers will not follow traffic rules and they will never bother about the other vehicles and traffic.

    Even traffic police are also become a glove in hand with these people and leave them free without putting any penalty to them by simply accepting some bribe. The young people feel that the road is a playground to perform feats on two-wheelers. This behaviour of the people is causing many accidents and unnecessarily people are very badly suffering.

    These accidents will happen in the wink of an eye and the person who did the accident will run away from the site and the police will wink at the accident till people gather there around the sufferer.

    The citizens should follow rules and regulations of the traffic and see that they will not cause any accidents and cause problems for fellow human beings.

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    It is a reality that an accident occurs in a jiffy. All of a sudden anything can happen even accident too. So, it is rightly pointed out by the author that an accident can take place in the wink of an eye. Very well narrated write-up.

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    It is very true that now a days there is much congestion on the roads especially in market area and people have no sense of discipline while walking or crossing the roads. They feel as if it is the duty of the driver plying the vehicle to protect them.

    Another thing is we can not blame the pedestrian only as footpaths are generally encroached by the hawkers or shopkeepers.

    Govt machinery is not so vigilant and efficient to check these disorders. The result of this is chaos and that is the best platform for happening accidents.

    Accidents happen due to machine failures also as well as unforeseen events but in our country most of the accidents are happening due to rash driving, not following the traffic rules, high speed, anger and frustration in public places and high speed chase and take over drama on highways.

    These people believe that there is a day fixed for our death which is called destiny so why to unnecessarily follow the rules and regulations.

    In that spirit, sometimes they will kill others and sometimes give their lives without any reason.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The author has rightly described the reality in his entry. Yes, accidents occur in the wink of an eye. The number of cars has increased manifold but compared to this the width of the road has not increased that much. The congestion has increased and many people least bother about the traffic rules.

    This situation is more or less the same everywhere and because of so many traffic rule breakers accidents occur frequently. It is always necessary to follow all the traffic rules in place and only by strictly following the rules mishaps can be averted.


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    Due to traffic congestion and indiscipline on the roads the chances of accidents increase. Even on highways people are not adhering to the safe distances between the vehicles and keeping a tab on the speed of the vehicles. All this is increasing the number of accidents happening day by day.

    Discipline and order is the key to reduce the accidents.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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