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    There is a change in the trend of the people

    In the last 4 or 5 days, there is a swing in the trend of many people. The way our central government reacted to the attack of terrorists on our CRPF people is being appreciated by many people and they are praising our PM, Defence Minister and External Affairs Minister like anything.
    After they brought pressure on Pakistan through other Countries, Pakistan accepted to release Wing Commander Abhinandan. This is being looked like an important and proud achievement of the government of India.

    The invitation extended by the Islamic countries league (OIC) to India even though Pakistan asked them not to invite is an indication of the support these countries giving to India ignoring Pakistan. The External Affairs Minister's speech in the meeting is very apt and very balanced.

    With these developments, there is positive thinking in the minds of the voters about Modi and his government. If the present trend continues BJP is going to win the coming election. I want to know the opinion of other members on this.
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    Yes, there is definitely a shift in the perception of the people about the present leadership and its way of tackling the cross border terrorism problems and the whole world is looking to it with interest and curiosity.

    It is a good change from the earlier regimes and whether the present Govt gets the advantage in election or not people will remember the present top leadership for a long time.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I like the trend, but I don't like the trend followed by opposition leaders like RG speaking rubbish. By talking rubbish, RG is losing his reputation and helping Modi to gain popularity. Surely, it is an advantage for Modi government to repeat their governance after 2019 election.
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    The author might be or might not be the right in its perception but few would certainly feel the pinch out of it. I also agree with #659848/ Neeru Bhatt, that possibly the voters may lose the attraction of this during the time they cast their votes in the next 2-3 Months but one thing is for sure that perception of voters has gone with a noticeable changes. In my view this impact would continue for comparatively more time than expected which will provide a good basis for the BJP in order to attract more voters into their favor. The recent attack on the terrorist camp inside Pakistan is a huge advantage for the current government which left Pakistan completely on its back foot. The aftermath situation wherein we are evident of the diplomatic win with complete support from all over the world including Islamic countries league (OIC). To my knowledge this never had the case after the independence & we can refer to the efforts of PM Modi which is now paying-off with the positive results.

    The above is ok & as happens in the climax scene of any Bollywood movies, we are going to have some more actions & fun. The opposition seems to have lost its ground because they are again doing the mistakes for questioning the government stand onto this whole.

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    Yes, the government took a bold decision by giving the army the free hand to carry out the offensive against the terrorists and the armed forces exactly did it. It is understood that the government exercised its diplomatic channels very effectively to seek the release of Wg Cdr Abhinandan Varthaman from the captivity of Pakistan army.

    The government has shown its tough stance while dealing with the terrorist attack and people all over the country are supporting its move. There are a few opposition leaders who are making irrelevant statements which are quite embarrassing. While the general election is still a few months away, people will keep this bold move in mind along with many other issues that directly impacted their lives during the past five years. I hope people will decide wisely keeping in mind all the aspects without being emotional.


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    I really wonder and feel pity that the opposition parties are doubting the valour and courage shown by the IAF pilot Abhinandan and demanding proof for it. While the whole world was awake to see the happenings, the opposition leaders were sleeping tight during the night. They did not witness the chase of a Pak F16 by a Mig 21 Bison which shot down the F 16. Now they call it as election politics of Modi. Kudos to PM, RM and IAF.

    The little credibility our opposition had, has been lost now. They almost lost the election 2019, I am sure. Modi is the victor.

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    There is a perceptible and conspicuous change in the ways the governance has changed in the country and the way our international reputation and international political strategy is also undergoing a paradigm shift at this juncture.

    This will not be acceptable by only the opposition parties and their affiliates due to obvious reasons.

    But we have to believe what the global observers are presently commenting on our progress and development.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I don't want to bring politics in the present situation. But I am deeply pained by the attitude of some opposition leaders led by Mamata Banerjee. They are again doubting India's air strike at Balakot in KPK. They are also doubting the fact that an old Mig 21 Bison destroyed an F-16. These people earlier doubted the surgical strike in 2016. When the Government released the proof, they slowly started avoiding the subject. They have also started glorifying Imran Khan, the puppet PM of Pakistan, who has been forced to release Wing Commander Abhinandan.

    Along with other Indians, I am watching how low these leaders can go. The more they criticize the present Government, the more votes will come to the present ruling party. But that is not the issue. Common people wonder how many anti-nationals are there in this country.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Only the confident and strong gets command and respect. For that the one needs to know the goal clearly, not get swayed by temporary losses, not to get strayed by spitting by the vested interested- but work hard sincerely and dedicated for that Goal.
    In the case of a government also this is required. In addition, a government gets its strength from the trust and support the ordinary citizen give to it. Such trust comes only when the ordinary people feel that the government and its top leadership are sincere and their aim is only national interest.

    This government started with such a trust and support. They had done a lot to get respect and attention to this country. The results are slowly showing.

    But we cannot rest simply by believing that. Even now the global politics is working on the principle of 'enemy of my enemy is my friend'. The present government has understood that and had used the cards well to play with that principle. But economics also plays in international relations. Probably we may have some disadvantage on that regard, at present.We have to still have more achievements in that directions. The government is taking efforts in that direction too.

    If the opposition political parties also understand this and put national interest over short term political ambitions, then this government can go more strongly. The should not be handicapped by same side goal scorers.

    But there is more role for the ordinary citizen too. They should have full faith on the government. They should not believe or spread rumours.They should be double vigilant to spot anti-national elements. They should keep the morale of the armed forces and other law enforcing agencies in high morale.

    The world now knows that the India as on date is quite different -it is strong and stable; and having a strong self respect and strategy under a strong willed political leadership. The people should also have the strong feeling and faith. Results will come; sure.

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