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    Explore the power of being polite while talking to your near and dear ones or even strangers .

    Here , in this forum I would be discussing about being polite when participating in conversations and knowledgeable talks with people . Its a difficult job to pursue your good manners while talking if you don't agree with the speaker's words . I would appreciate your courage of responding to this post by recalling and describing an incident when you ended up being too harsh with your words while putting forward what you agree with in a conversation .
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    It is always fair on your part to talk politely and gently. If your point is correct also you can say this very politely. If the other person is wrong also you can convey the same politely. Talking rudely and using unwanted words is not good for a gentleman. During conversations also not losing the cool is desirable. But many people can't do it.
    Generally, I will be very cool and calm during my conversations. I hear what others say and discuss on their points and when the time comes I will place my view. But once or twice I might have ended up using harsh words which I repented later.
    Once I had a discussion with one of my relations and the other man is not at all understanding what I am trying to tell and repeating the same words again and again. Then I got irritated and shouted on that person. But I felt bad afterwards and conveyed my sincere apologies to him for the words I have used.

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    It may seem difficult for many to behave politely when there is disagreement between two during a conversation but it is always necessary to be polite. The disagreement can also be said in a polite way. Rude behaviour can be seen as a form of aggression where the person who is behaving rudely thinks only she/he is correct and the other person is wrong.

    Well, it is very natural to have different views on any specific issue which can always be discussed in a nice way. Actually, being polite during any situation whether talking to the near and dear ones or a stranger is a habit that develops since childhood. The correct way of behaving in any situation has to be properly taught to the children and the parents should also practice the same in front of their children. If the parents continue to behave rudely in various situations the children will imbibe it which they will apply in their lives. This should be avoided otherwise the child will find it difficult to behave properly.

    As for me, I maintain a calm posture and never behave rudely. But a few times I behaved rudely with my relatives and the result was not at all encouraging in any way.


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    Politeness is a big virtue in our life and some people are gifted with this great trait.

    Politeness is not cowardness, it is the beautiful expression of subtle and fine feelings of our inner nature. It is the soft connection between the two persons communicating with each other.

    In the hectic schedule and materialistic life of modern times, we are forgetting this great attribute and not using it to flourish the goodwill and happiness around us.

    The wise people who knew this, always tried to use it, though sometimes apparently, to have cordial relations with the fellow beings.

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    Thanks for the responses . Though they are well written yet I would like to see more answers . And here is a tip to state your views in a conversation whive not losing your politeness .
    1. Always talk with a calm face with no expressions showing disagreement or anger .
    2. Stating what you think is right is not always rude when you say it in a kind way . For that purpose use 'and' instead of 'but' while you put forward your thoughts . It sounds more concerning to the speaker .
    3. And lastly , always pursue what this quote by Abraham Lincoln says , ''It is better to keep quiet and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt .''

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    Polite approach definitely pays back. Whatever may be the issue, try to present it in a polite manner. The result can be seen immediately. At the same time one cannot artificially become polite. By consistent practice only one can become polite always. In certain people this will be an inborn habit. In certain others it will be just the opposite. Their small talks itself will be provocative.
    In certain people this will be an inborn character. Their words will never hurt others. Even negative responses will be presented in an acceptable manner. Just the opposite will be the case with some others. Even pleasant things will be presented in the wrong manner, in an irritating manner. Only consistent care given to the words used can bring in a change. The relationships with others will be very much based on these casual talks in a polite manner.


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