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    Don't wink too much as you would only end up winking!!

    We seem to very good experts at everything. After the particular girl acted in a Mallu movie, we have had dozens of youngsters trying to wink with hundreds of girls.

    Some fun is always okay, but when it becomes very serious, everything is lost. So is the craze to chase girls and get them to fall in "love".

    Our movies are always dangerous. The type of love that is taught in movies is just not what is there in reality. On the contrary, a big career focus and ability to withstand stress, among several other imperatives, are essential for success.

    Winking should be restricted to some fun in a college function. It should not become an obsession with several youngsters as it has now become in several pockets in India. Parents also ought to educate their children on what is right and what is wrong at different periods of time. The more we become engaged with all sorts of distractions, we will lose focus and the entire future of our youngsters will be ruined. We better draw a line and take things in a particular direction.

    If we do not guide our youngsters, who will?

    This is my entry for the "wink" contest.
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    It is true that parents must guide youngsters so that they can successfully manage their lives. Movies influence youngsters and at times the adults too in certain situations but our life is not a movie.

    The real life always varies with what we see on the screens and parents have a great role to play to make the youngsters realize this. It may not be wise to brand all the movies as dangerous, rather we must have a clear demarcation of the reel and the real. It's good to watch every type of movies and youngsters have to develop the abilities themselves to decide which one is good or bad.

    A good write up that shows the importance of the role of parents towards youngsters.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Any gesture which is thought of as a bad or ulterior one in the society is to be avoided as far as possible. The students and youngsters should be discouraged when they intentionally do such actions.

    In any case such gestures are not accepted by the society even for once and question of using them repetitively will be like offending only.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Winking is not treated as a good gesture. Once in a while to convey some message or for fun, it may be acceptable. But doing this very often and to tease others should not be encouraged. The elders should tell the meaning involved in this to their wards and explain them not to get into the habit of winking.
    The author has made a good attempt and explained the importance of restricting ourselves from winking again and again.

    always confident

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