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    Alas! We lost a chance to see a war

    General's Grandson: Dada, You retired as an Army General. Can you tell me your war experience?

    General: Sorry son, I haven't fought a war during my entire service. I joined the Army after 1971 Indo-Pak conflict. There was no major war after 1971, almost for 47 years.

    General's Grandson: Dada, I was hoping to see a war now. But there seems to be no war. Alas! We lost a chance to witness a war.

    Members, Your comments, please.
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    If you are baiting for war, you have lost your humanity. Wars brings no advantage to the common people. It just profits the politicians and industries involved in production of war equipment.

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    Ills are needed to be destroyed. The weeds are required to be destroyed for the blossoming of beautiful flowers. War and destruction of evil forces are necessary for the creation of a beautiful and ethical world. The Gita has taught us more than 3000 years ago. The Mahabharata has taught this in the ancient period.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Ankit, If there is no war to destroy the evil, not humanity but the peace is lost. Do we Indians live in peace with our neighbour harbouring terrorists? Every second passes with a fear of attack. As rightly said by Partha, war is essential to destroy the evil and ill-minded forces. What is the use of spending billions of dollars to feed and maintain the forces? Even after many decades (70 years), we could not resolve our issues with our neighbours. If peace talk fails, war is the only solution to restore peace.
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    Is war a movie or a TV serial that you would be enjoying. Have you ever suffered the effects of war, proxy or otherwise? Have you met people who have been affected by such disturbances? Sitting in a peaceful atmosphere and enjoying your life with your family, browsing through channels bringing in breaking news, it is not difficult for people like you to wait for a war. After all, you have nothing to lose. War and the after effects need to be experienced. Reading, learning or writing cannot even let you imagine the actual effect. I feel so disturbed by the insensitiveness of some people.
    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    I would be most happy if there is no war anywhere in the world. War is devastation. Peace and love, not war.
    We have ample ancient texts also which show how a war can devastate families and countries. The "Gaandhaari vilaap' or Gandhaari's sorrow is a small example. It is the sorrow and pain of a mother who lost her hundred children.
    Yes, mean minded and devil minded do not understand that. They need to be punished.
    But war is not the first step of correction and redressal. That is what our ancient texts have taught us. It is the last of the four viz.. saama- bheda-daana -Danda.
    When the first three are exhausted then it is to be the last severe punishment. That should be in the right quantum and decisive. That is what Bhagavat Gita teaches us. At that time there is no question of who is in the opposite side. The aim is to punish the devil minded and in such an exemplary way that it ever gets repeated.

    I think we are slowly being forced to do that Dharma Yudh.

    But our effort should be to reduce the devastation and war is the last resort. Even in that we ensure that innocents are least harmed. That is what we tried to show,but the mean minded and devilish minded will not understand that. They need strong punishment. They rather ask for it and take the leniency and broad mindedness of pacifism as weakness. For anything there is a level of tolerance.
    There is a Tamil saying "Saadhu mirandaal kaadum kollaathu". If a saadhu(pacifist sanyasi) gets angry the whole forest also cannot bear. The Saadhu is being provoked contnuously.

    But still I pray 'let good sense prevail even to the enemies and devil'- to save themselves and the many innocents'.

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    Bengali poet Rabindranath said: "Onyay je kore, aar onyay je sohe, tobo ghrina tare jeno trinosomo dohe". This means that the Almighty's wrath will equally burn the person who commits a crime and a person who tolerates the crime. In India, there have been many people who tolerate crimes and even encourage crimes. The Almighty's wrath would also destroy them.

    The 'Dhramayuddh' will finish those criminals and sinners and also those who support criminals and sinners.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Think in terms of the people living in the villages bordering the two countries. The tension, the deadlock, scarcity of the commodities and the education of their children getting disturbed and evacuation due to war like situation - trouble those people. As our friend rightly said, it is not a movie or serial to enjoy. Once it starts, none can tell when it would end or where it would end. Take the examples of the World Wars I and II, we can realize the real problem.

    But we can proudly say that India has given a stern warning to our neighbouring country by conducting the second surgical strike and eliminating more than 250 terrorists, that we are not going to spare them any more if they continue to sponsor terrorism. A timely action by the government and the International community has supported our stand.


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    I think war is the last resort to solve a problem. If we can not solve the terrorism problem then probably we have to resort to war though it will be devastating for both the sides and innocent people will unnecessarily be sacrificed in this confrontation.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    War is not a thing to watch as several people die in it. As both Pakistan and India have nuclear weapons so the destruction would have been more if war occurred and they have used them.

    I am happy that the conflict is resolved and there was no war in both the counties. War is not the solution to anything. Killing innocent people is not a solution.

    What these innocent people have some who are suffering the problem on the border when Pakistan does firing there. Recently I was listening in the news that 3 members of a family died because of the firing of Pakistani soldiers in a village situated near the border. What do they get from killing such people?.

    No doubt terrorism has to be eliminated but it can be done with the help of Pakistan. Terrorists dont have a religion or country. There have been many instances when they have killed people by bomb blasts there.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Nobody wants war, but war (including proxy war) is thrust on us, we must not avoid it. If we avoid the war thrust on us, then the world and our future generation will call us coward. And cowards have no prestige or self-respect.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Personally, I don't want any war anywhere in the world. People should love peace and live in harmony. There should not be any enmity among the people. They should adopt Live and Let Live policy. This is the ideal condition one should wish.

    There should not be any war between religions, nations or castes. All are human beings only. If all the people think in these lines I feel there will not be any necessity for a war to happen.

    There may be different opinions, there may be a difference in approaches and there may be a difference in customs and habits. But one should respect another person. Then there is no chance for war.

    But unfortunately some evil forces are surfacing here and there and there are spreading their wings and causing unrest. Because of their attitude, ordinary people are suffering.

    We all should pray that all the people will try to leave their evil thoughts and behave well with others so that the world will be in peace without any war.

    always confident

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    I like the good feelings of all our members who want only peace but not war.
    Why all the countries in the world have their forces and spend a lot on their defence forces?
    If we all are peace lovers, let all the nations disarm and have no forces to fight.
    If done, we all can live in peace without any Bombs, Nuclear bombs, Guns, Tanks, Missiles, Aircraft carriers, Cruisers, Destroyers, Frigates, Submarines and Fighter planes, Generals, Admirals, Marshals, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen, and a Defence Minister and Defence ministry.
    Just because we have them, we choose to fight. Am I right?
    Let us not have them. Let all the world nations disarm, to live in peace and harmony.

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    It would have been lovely to read the last line of the thread as below.

    General: No Son, I am happy that there is no war. When you grow up, you would also be happy too.

    Throughout history, a full-scale War with men and weapons have left a trail of destruction. The famous world war II had left Britain, the great nation bankrupt. England paid it's war debt by installments (to the US) from 1950 to 2006! Apart from money, the tragic loss of lives, destruction to infrastructure during the war took many decades to tide over.

    Now can India or Pakistan afford such a scenario? instead, both countries can utilize the workforce and funds for its people. Yes, we should wage war but over corruption, social evils, and taboos that plague both nations. India should fight the war on terrorism on all fronts.

    Mr.Sun: Any nation worth its salt needs a military force that can safeguard its people. We need a sound defence force that would act as a deterrent to other countries who can have wrong ideas. Having a fully equipped armed force does not mean that any country can go around waging wars.

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    No Natarajan
    We need to have our own defense force to fear our enemies, so that they don't intrude into our country. No doubt, our Armed forces help the civilian in times of natural calamities like flood, drought, earthquake, tsunami etc. But the amount we spent is extremely high that we can spend it for the well being of our country. What I sincerely recommend is that we need not have an Armed force which eats away half of our country's earning. We can have it termed differently.

    A retired Army General with No war experience is the core subject of this thread.

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    War is not an Experience to regret if you have never fought one!
    War is not something to be fought to fulfill the fantasy of a child!
    War is not a Fairy Tale!

    People who claim that there should have been war, have forgotten that war brings only destruction and nothing else. Neither country will gain from the war, even from the victory. I am sure that the real conversation would never go as mentioned in the post. I don't think that the General would be sorry about not being in a war.

    I would say that the General was a blessed man and lived in a peaceful era which he can joyfully share with his generations.

    Our defense, infrastructure, and education should be strengthened further rather than wasting money on statues.

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    War is not a cricket match where you bowl and the batsman hits for a six or spinner bowls googly and stumps are down.

    War is where lives are lost irrespective of young, old or children. It is the destruction of life and property. It is the destruction of hope. We can see how wars have brought destruction in past and how lives were lost from history.

    It may be easy to say we lost the chance of war but Sir, see how badly we are hit on LOC where people have been killed and homes affected. Families are badly hit.

    We know how scary the situation was in our state and how badly it affected our normal life. How jets were hovering over with a massive sound creating panic among masses. And for you, you lost a chance as if you lost to witness a cricket match! The confrontation that passes, by the grace of almighty, our state was badly hit.

    War never was and never will be a solution to any problem. We should encourage peace and only peace. War brings destruction and nothing else!

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    I heard you all. War too a way of life on earth. Even Gods on earth fought wars. Take the example of Ramayana, the war between Rama and Ravana forces. Look at Mahabharatha, the war between Kauravas and Pandava forces. Lord Subramanya, the God for war has fought many wars to release Devas from the clutches of Asura Kings. War stories are many for the good to win over the evil. Yet we have some evil forces on earth to get destroyed.

    @ When peace is not feasible, war is possible and inevitable.

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    After reading this thread I am reminded of the song Imagine by the legendary John Lenon. A few lines from that song:

    Imagine there's no countries
    It isn't hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion, too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace

    Yes, everybody likes peace, nobody likes war, nobody likes destruction. Wars are fought to show how powerful the side who won the war. Warmongers are politicians who want to show their supremacy to the others. War taught us lessons and that's why people want peace. We do not need a war between countries but a war against terrorists. As long as there are support groups for terrorist activities it will grow. All the hideouts and camps of terrorists have to be destroyed to bring the situation absolutely under control. It needs proper planning and cooperation from each and every country.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Mh.. in Malayalam there is a proverb "aarante ammakku pranth pidichal kaaanan nalla rasaa" (It is so much fun to see when other's/your mother becomes mad.)

    The Government will come in power one after one and they will play their political games to save their positions. Ultimately, who are the sufferers? How many blood relatives of Politicians OR war lovers of this thread, are serving there in the Border? When you pinch in your own body then you will come to know "what is pain?" It is easy to say anything because Tongue has no bone.

    War lovers should have a look on the after effects war life and sufferings of Hiroshima-Nagasaki (Japan) survivors from August 1945 to till date.
    If your time permit, please go through the link Or or any other related sites.

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    Mr. kb,
    Destiny of the world cannot be changed or rewritten. Whatever has to happen will certainly happen. Did we all think about the Ist and IInd world wars? Did we think about Indo -Pak war of 1971? Did we expect Kargil war?
    What about the war between Iraq and Israel? It is predicted that there would be an IIIrd world war which will be initiated by a small nation.

    We all know the after effect of war. Due to war, was there any ill effect in south India. Not at all. The south lived in peace while the people on our borders suffered.

    War should be between the warriors of the nation, not the public. We go for war to protect our public to remain in peace. Soldiers, sailors and airmen are volunteers to sacrifice their life for the safety and security of the nation and its people. There are certain rules to be followed during a war. If we follow it sincerely, the war would be a praiseworthy event.

    What we want is a war against terrorism. This would mean a war against the terrorists and the supporters of these terrorists.

    We have tolerated enough and enough. It is time to act against terrorism without any fear.

    In the past, We had a bold government and a bold iron lady. She fought a war and freed a nation. Whereas her followers were/are cowards, and could not take any bold step against terrorism. Now we have a bold and tall leader who has determined to send the terrorists to hell, even if they live beneath the earth. Let us give him a helping hand and send the other hand to rest in peace.

    No life without Sun

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    I think it is time to introspect. Who wanted this warlike situation is a very important question that we need to think about at this juncture. I am sure that we are all aware of the reports coming in from various sources. Why was this situation created? Should the lives of our soldiers be sacrificed?

    Sun, when it comes to war, there is no North, South, East or West, we need to stand together as a Nation. Do you realize the presence of China in Sri Lanka? Beware.

    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    "Who wanted this warlike situation is a very important question that we need to think about at this juncture."----------This very pertinent question is required to be answered. Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) terrorists backed by the Pakistani Army and Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) have wanted this war-like situation which is presently prevailing between these two neighbours in South Asia. Any doubt?
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    I don't know about what we are up to because each one of us are trying to justify their own stand with few going against to this & few have gone on to blaming onto the destination for any mishaps. No doubt that each one of us has got our own opinions about this life & what made this whole moving with inclusion of different kinds of instincts within us which possibly has led to so many variations in our approaches. There is a fact well-known to us that since the time the human civilization came into existence, there are found to be the conflict as well for different reasons simultaneously & because of these conflicts numerous civilizations originated while many others led to their extinction because they didn't come-up with the necessary preparations like the power back-up & so on.

    What if we stop interfering with the spaces of others but the problem is that this is not possible, at least with the human civilization & in here constitutes the exact reason that war happens. During 1947, a certain community wanted to have their own land & than we got two different nations but their willingness to acquire more didn't stop at any point in the past & will continue to exist even in the future as well till any of us is having with our existence & may be after this we would have some other reasons to raise a war in against to the others & it doesn't matter how we take it but ultimately it's up to decide about what is wrong & what is right.

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    Thanks for sharing this useful post with us..

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