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    Nowadays I am winking a lot!

    On 26th February, I was plucking some mango leaves from the giant mango tree which covers our terrace (along with the terraces of another five-six residential units). When I was engaged in this simple job, my left eye got hit by a sharp branch of the mango tree. My left eye was badly hit. Fortunately, the injury was not very dangerous. But nowadays, due to the injury and due to the effect of eye-drops, my left eye is winking a lot.

    But I am also getting afraid if people on the road get a different message when they see me winking. So, nowadays, I am not going out very frequently. I am eagerly waiting for those days when my left eye would stop winking unnecessarily. I know that my winking days are over long back!

    (ToW entry)
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    Interesting and hilarious. Sometimes due to injury people involuntarily do it and can be mistaken for offensive meanings.

    As it is an unintentional act, I think no one will take it seriously. Still, I think the best solution is to wear the black glasses till the eye is healed.

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    I suggest you to wear a dark glass during the day to escape from the people who doubt your winking. During night, there won't be any problem due to darkness on the road.

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    I think the suggestion given by Sun is very good. Purchase dark glasses and start using them whenever you go outside. Then there will not be any problem.
    Some people will have the habit of winking and probably Partha is referring to such people. It is also a fact that because of some problem in the eye also people wink a lot.

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    Thats funny.

    Yes, it happens sometimes people dont differentiate between the winking if it's a sign of flirting or due to the problem in the eye.

    Its better you don't go out out of your home till your eye gets normal.


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    You should not bother about what others will think as you know you are not doing it intentionally. Just relax yourself as worrying unnecessarily will cause more trouble to your eyes. You can use sun glasses to hide winking until you fully recover from eye injury.

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    A good post that describes the real situation of the author. It will take a little time to get cured and I think people will never mind for it.

    The winking is probably because of the irritation that is still there and it is better to use dark glasses, as mentioned by the other members, not only to stop people from gazing at the wink but also for protecting the injury.


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