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    Winking is a cunning act

    I don't like winking. According to me, winking is a cunning act. It is a meaningless indecent act to tease someone. There is no joy in winking. But winking has some effect between the lovers. It is a dirty invitation from either sex.

    A Tamil song of MGR and Savitri - "Nee kallaal aditha adi valikkavillai - Nee kannal aditha adi valikkuthadi" ( Your stone beat did not pain me, but your eye beat(winking) is paining me.

    The other word for winking is eve teasing.
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    It is not always. Sometimes we use this as a signal to others suggesting not to tell the truth or not to believe the words while we talk something to someone jovially/ seriously. In friends' circle or family discussions, this gesture is often used and it can be taken positively too.

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    In general, winking is not considered a good gesture in the society. Though it is used to indicate for various expressions but the main is a bit offensive and some persons will object to it vehemently.

    It is better to avoid it and if someone is doing it ignore him.

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    Winking alone cannot be a signal. One has to move his head left to right or right to left to indicate negativity and move the head up and down to show the positivity. Just winking would cause confusion to the other party.

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    Well, the other word for winking is not eve-teasing. Winking has different meanings in different situations as mentioned by Jagdish Patro in his reply @ #659886. In films winking may be shown as a gesture related to romance, in our daily lives, it has various meanings.

    Even during matches players wink to indicate something. I agree that in different situations the wink may look offensive and that's why in our society this gesture is not something to cheer about.


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    The winking may indicate different meanings based on the situation. When we are telling something to a person and winks at a third person, it is an indication to him not to involve himself in the discussion. Like this, we can convey different meanings by this gesture. Even these days also in villages many people think that winking is not good and one should not wink at others.
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