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    When I could not wink

    I was in 11th grade and it was our biology practical session. We were practicing some slide preparations and I was literally struggling to check my slide in the microscope and suddenly my biology teacher called me asking about my problem. I said, "No ma'am, nothing. I will do it myself" and she started laughing. Actually, my problem was that I was not able to look into the microscope with one eye closed and one of my hand was helping me in covering one of my eyes and another hand was helping me in setting my slide for proper focus.
    So, my teacher suddenly asked, "Can't you wink properly? And all of my friends started laughing. When I saw the topic for TOW, I could not stop myself from sharing this.

    (Here please note that I pursued my studies in a residential girl's university and we were quite frank with our female teachers.)

    This is my entry for TOW contest for the month Feb'19 -'Wink(ing)'
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    It is always a warm relationship between students and teachers when they are frank among themselves. The incident depicted in the write-up is a humorous recollection of student life. Nice one!

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    To see an object in a microscope one should wink. One should be able to close one eye and see with the other eye. It is to be practised and otherwise, we will have difficulty. This fact is well narrated by the author in this thread. When the teachers and students are in good understanding with each other there will be a good relationship between them. A nice thread.
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    Interesting. I am seeing the first practical utility of Winking.

    So, it is not as bad a trait as it had the reputation in the society.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    A very interesting thread where the real-life experience is brought out in a wonderful way. The student-teacher relationship is always something to cherish and this unique relationship stays in our memory for a long time.

    Now in this particular case, I think one has to practice winking a little bit, at least prior to handling a microscope.


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    Author has made a good analogy between a wink used in the seeing of objects with microscope and winking in real life. An interesting narration.

    Sometimes there are some taboo things sitting back in our mind and we become embarrassed when these are encountered by us in some other reference. So this happens in the real life and then it becomes a hilarious and amusing situation.

    Knowledge is power.

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    That was tough during those days. I also had biology as a subject in school and had practical of watching slides for a minute and write a specification of an organism in the slide. We had to watch those slides without blinking eyes to grasp what is there in the slide. Even on slides watching through a microscope was not easy as one cannot wink an eye.

    Nice observation by the author.


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    The same thing happened to me on the day when I tried to use the microscope. But our Biology teacher or the Lab Assistant of our school did not encourage me to wink (although on those days, we did not need any encouragement for this act).
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    Winking has its application to view the ultimate object placed below the microscope and the full magnification can be noticed with a proper winking. If we want to connect the same in the real life, the events will be terribly magnified. Hence a cautionary approach is needed in application of winking in the real life otherwise the scene developed may be quite embrassing.

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