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    The Wink was an integral part of their early parenthood

    A wink has so many implications based on the context and situations where it is used.

    One such occasion when people wink is when one person tells a lie to another person and he wants the third person to know that it is a lie. So there follows a wink from the first person to the third person in such a way that the first person does not notice it.

    Thinking this an imaginary story ran into my mind which I am putting in this thread. The story is about a wink used by Vijay and Vidhi a young parent couple after telling small lies to their miniature innocent son in order to make him eat, sleep, bath, dress up etc. When a child is small, innocent and does understand the world it is often difficult for parents to convince the kids for doing their daily activities like eating, drinking, sleeping, bathing, dressing etc. Kids often get cranky and handling them may pose a challenge. This is the stage when both mother and father have no other option but to cook up a lot of imaginary false stories and tell small lies so that they can convince their small kids to do their daily activity without fuss. Same was true for this young couple.

    Vijay and Vidhi often told their son that if he does not sleep a black demon will come or if he does not eat fast their favorite toy will be taken away by the child in the neighborhood etc. During such times mother or father who is telling this lie sometimes used to wink at each other or to the third person present at the home signifying that what they are speaking is not true. Hence the winks were an integral part of their early parenthood.

    But sadly their son grew up and was no more innocent and ignorant child. These false stories and fears to convince them no more worked and the winks which formed part of their lives were no more there now. Only the memories of those winks remained which they now cherish in their free time.

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    The author has written about a fact of our lives in the thread. It is a fact that every couple cooks up some most unbelievable stories for their children to give up a fuss. I also did the same. It indeed becomes a matter to cherish when the child grows up.

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    Good story. It is a fact that we should not tell lies to the kids. Once they know that we are telling lies they will also start telling lies and we can't even question them as he will be very careful so that we can't understand even that he is telling lies. AT the same time parents should not tell anything to the child which makes him get afraid of. That fear will be there forever in his mind and that will have a big effect on the minds of the children.
    The author narrated a story envisaging the problems involved in winking.

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    Good narration by the author which describes the problems faced by parents when the child is too young. Many parents create imaginary stories which the child thinks real and follow the instructions of the parents to carry out certain necessary activities.

    As long as the child cannot see the parents winking at each other it's good but if the child sees and somehow understands these tactics then the parents have to find another way to control the behaviour of the child. Whatever may be the process to control the childish behaviour, it is always cherishable for the parents to remember those days.


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    Interesting narration. It is true that the mind of a child is like a blank slate and it will register the things which it observes during the growing phase.

    Many parents resort to such tactics to bring the child to obey or agree to their propositions and these things are deeply stored in the mind of the child even after he becomes an adult.

    These then become a type of inherited traits and the child also uses these gestures unknowingly.

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