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    When you are so sure but didn't act. It could have been embarrassing too

    At times there are embarrassing situations. We get confused and do not know what to do. Though it's normal and helps you to analyze later what went wrong or what was the reason for that situation, at that moment you get perplexed. While at times the situation turns embarrassing where you do not get any idea about how it turned out in that way, there are other situations where you are somehow responsible for making the moments embarrassing. It is not necessarily that you are embarrassed in that situation, the other person or the group can also be embarrassed by certain acts. It may be some questions or replies that the other person found embarrassing.

    At times you may laugh at yourself thinking if you did it that way the situation could have been embarrassing.

    Recently, a friend who stays in Bangalore called me up and said he is visiting Kolkata for a short period and if he can manage some time he will meet me. He stays in my locality. I thought of giving him a call but somehow forgot later. Now in the evening, I was observing a person, turned backwards, from a distance and I moved forward. He is wearing his usual dress and carrying a bag while talking on his phone. I moved ahead slowly and was about to pat him on his shoulder. I do not know what triggered me to stop and I stood there for a moment. The person suddenly turned his face backwards and I was surprised! It's not my friend though I was sure that it is him in the usual attire.

    Much later, I was laughing at myself and trying to find out what could have happened if I patted on his shoulder. Members, have you faced any such situations?
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    Some times when we see a new person we feel that already we have seen him earlier. But when we talk to him we will know that we never met each other earlier.
    Oneday I was travelling on a train. My wife is also with me. On the opposite berth, there was a middle-aged lady. She was staring at me and trying to talk but she is hesitating. I notice this. After a while, she asked me am I so and so. The name she used is my brother's name. Then I told her that I am the brother of that person. Then she told me that I have many resemblances with my brother. She also told me that they worked together in the bank until five years before.
    Oneday I was going on the road. Somebody came from the back and just tapped on the back. I turned back and one person is standing there. He called me by my name and he was my high school friend whom I couldn't recognise but he recognised me.
    That is how sometimes it happens.

    always confident

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    Sometimes there are embarrassing moments in our life and generally it happens when we are in a hurry or haste.

    If we give some time before taking a step or before talking something, these things can be avoided.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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