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    How do you judge if person is beautiful or not?

    I have been seeing people judging others through their appearance. These days outer beauty is more significant than what you are from inside. No matter how ugly you are from inside. How you think, how you behave, how you love people become insignificant if you are not appealing enough. These days people are giving more importance to outer appearance of individual than how he is, in his conduct with others. Even on social media people make friends only after seeing the picture of a person. If person is extremely good looking and smart then they accept the request otherwise decline.

    Is outer appearance only criteria to judge someone's beauty?
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    Humans have a great mental faculty to distinguish beautiful with less beautiful or ugly. This has probably come with the development of higher brain and consciousness in us.

    Animals are deprived of this trait. They mainly go by smells and other instincts.

    For us outwardly beauty is something which attracts us immediately and immensely and many relationships are based on simply that lure. But yes, in the long run this infatuation fades out and then lack of inner beauty starts to sour the relationship and in many cases break ups take place.

    Virtues, good habits, cordialness, kindness, industrious etc are some traits which constitute the inner beauty and in exceptional cases some people possess both of them that is inner and outer beauty.

    In show world and media what works amazingly is the outer beauty while in many other places it fails miserably.

    So, distinguishing the outer beauty with the inner one and taking account of both of them is mandatory for a long time relationship with any one in any situation.

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    I don't judge if a person is beautiful or not. My eyes judge it. But I don't get impressed by the beauty of a human being so easily. There are various other factors involved to impress me.
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    For me, physical beauty does not matter if the person has no brain or other qualities like honesty, trust, patience.

    This is ironic that most of us value physical appearance more than anything else. This is true that appearance matters at first sight but afterwards its what the qualities a person carries matter the most.

    On social media, as Facebook and Instagram people make a friend by watching the face of the person and afterwards they repent when they find out that the person whom they make a friend is not friend actually. Daily we read the news that a person is bluffed by a Facebook friend.

    We should never judge a person by his or her face. People usually make use of their face and make people fool and take advantage of them. Usually, they make a target of innocent people who trust them. So we should not ever just rely on physical appearance but on the inner qualities.


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    For a frienship ,looks should not matter. I have seen some people with good friendship bond. If there are some people who go with looks there are also people who like to be with a helping and intelligent friend. But yes, some might set different criteria for different friends. They might not behave similarly with every friend. They might choose certain friends to party or go out with and restrict some friends only for help or when in need. But it should not matter that much. We should think of other people we have into our life. Even our parents and siblings can be our friends and we are sure they won't be partial to us. We get hurt more by unusual behaviour of a friend only when we feel more than a friendship. Physical beauty should not be criteria to judge someone but good character.

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    When our eyes see a person, thing or material it gives us an impression about its physical appearance. This is the impression we get it in our mind just by seeing. We don't have any knowledge about the person's habits, conduct and behaviour. Only after spending some time we can get these details.

    If we are walking on a read if we happened to see another person we will feel happy seeing him if he appears handsome. Once we cross him we will forget about him. There is nothing wrong with this.

    But if you are somehow related to him and you have to be with him for some time and if you have to do some work with him, then only we have to judge him whether he is reliable or not, whether he is good in his behaviour or not etc.

    But it is never correct to judge by seeing his face. We should give more importance to his way of life, gentleness and values in his life. Outside beauty may be there today but tomorrow it may vanish. But inner beauty will be there forever.

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    The external beauty is only for appreciation and joy, Such beauty is related to colour, shape and look. It is like the cover of a book. The book could be a notebook with empty pages, or with good content. "Never judge a book by its cover" fits here. External beauty is temporary and might vanish as we grow old. Whereas, internal beauty remains permanent forever until death. External beauty is mainly to attract sex.
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    It is very common and natural that we attract to outer beauty. Generally people are like that.

    Though from a wiser point of view we should not be influenced by the outer beauty and should find out the real nature and behaviour of a person. Beauty is only for some time. What matters is behaviour.

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    It is natural to say that he/she is beautiful on the basis of outer appearance. In a day or two one cannot judge a person is beautiful or not. One has to spend some time with a person to understand him/her and then only one can form an opinion about a person.

    A good looking person is beautiful from outside, but it's not necessary that he/she would be the same from inside. It can be opposite in some cases, some may be beautiful from inside as well as outside, and some could be beautiful from inside but not from outside. Now, the point is what attracts the most. It all depends upon the eyes of the beholder.

    If I have to decide, then I would sum up that the person is good looking from outside but won't conclude that he/she is beautiful in every respect. Physical beauty is usually very misleading. For me, eyes and smile matter the most regarding external appearance then comes overall smartness which includes gait, wit and humour but above all one has to have a pure soul. That's the reason I talk to everyone, but I am close to very few.


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    Outer appearance is not a criterion to judge a person. In a beauty contest or any show business, where outer looks play a significant role, it matters. Actually, there may be a feeling of happiness attached to anything beautiful and that's why we get attracted to beautiful things. Not only humans, but we also get attracted to beautiful flowers, landscapes and showpieces.

    At times we look at things to admire the beauty and the same is applicable in terms of human beings. Interestingly, humans have minds which are not so easy to judge. Only seeing or looking at a person will not solve the purpose when we have to interact with the person on a regular basis. Only during regular interaction, we can understand how the person behaves, whether the person is compassionate or honest etc. Now when you think beauty consists of everything good inside and outside, then you cannot come to a conclusion just by judging the appearance of a person.


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