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    What makes Sanam Puri unique?

    Sanam is the leading youtube pop band in India. Many hearts beat in their rhythm. Sanam Puri is the lead vocalist and the voice of the band. He too like other singers sings soulfully. There is something in everyone's personality that makes them unique and attractive to people.
    So, what's in Sanam Puri's personality makes him unique and popular?
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    I am sorry that I haven't heard about this great man. Kindly let me know of this great so that I can say "Sanam Puri Jai Ho".
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    Hey, it's the 21st century. Everything is possible here. search Sanam in youtube to listen to the songs and to know about the person; just google him!

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    Sanam Puri is a singer. He is the lead vocalist of the band SQS. This Indian Pop Band based in Mumbai. His debut song is Dhat Teri Ki in Gori Tere Pyaar Mein. Imran Khan and Esha Gupta appeared for this song. Sanam Puri has been worked on more singles, movie songs and for the albums as well. His voice makes him a unique pop singer.
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    Yes is a good singer. I have heard their remix song " Lag Ja Gale se" which is originally sung by Lata Mangeshkar. It's very melodious. I was really amazed by the way he has sung it. Maybe his voice has made this band unique.

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    Sincerely writing. I know many other puris like Ompuri, but I really do not know this singer guy as I don't watch Hindi movies much these days. Will try to know this Unique Sanam Puri by googling his name.
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    An interesting piece of information that Sanam Puri has made a place in pop song arena and is being liked by the people.

    Though I have so far not heard him but after reading this post I am also a bit curious to hear his voice and experience the style that is being liked by so many people.

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    I like his covers more than his original works. That I guess is what makes him different. Unlike many who take note to note for a song and make a cover, Sanam brings a new dimension to classics. And his voice is perfect. It's as versatile as possible. That is why I think Sanam Puri is so famous. And other very obvious reason is the glamour factor. As a leadman, his good looks matter a lot.
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    I was not aware of this and it is a news to me. Anyway, I have to listen to this singer before I can opine about his capabilities and quality of performance. As described he is a pop singer making some unique albums also.
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