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    Pakistan denies flying of F16 over India and India's killing of 300+Terrorists.

    Pakistan is being questioned by US for the misuse of F 16 fighters over Indian territory for attacking military installations, and Pakistan denies any use of F 16. Also they deny that no JeM terrorist was killed and no dead bodies are seen.

    It is fully evident that our MIG 21 Bison flown by WG Cdr,. Abhinandan shot down an F 16 in POK. However. we have no report about the death of JeM terrorists.

    Is Pakistan lying to US? Truth will come out and Pakistan will be proved lier. If proved, what should be the action against Pakistan?
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    This is obvious that Pakistan cannot admit that India has killed 300 terrorists. If it admits then all other countries will ban it especially the US to support terrorists. In such a case, it will be tough for them to survive without any support

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    Don't we have our informers in our borders and inside Pakistan to give us detailed information? What happened to our intelligence agencies? Are there no Raazi like informers in Pakistan?
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    I do not know when was the last time they spoke the truth. They are always in a denial mode and tries to impress others by acting like a good guy. It's always their tactics. It's obvious that they will always deny that their soil is being used to promote terrorism and that's why they will never admit that terrorists have been killed in retaliatory actions by the IAF.

    Those who belonged to JeM and who carried out the gruesome attack on our CRPF personnel are known as terrorists to us and to the most of the world, but to the Pakistanis, they are martyrs and fighting for a cause. It is beyond any doubt that all subversive activities are carried out by a few terrorists residing in Pakistan and every nation should isolate them. Strict economic sanctions should be imposed on Pakistan so that terror funding can be stopped completely.


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    Even during the time that the surgical strikes were carried out in the POK, the Pakistan essentially was in a denial mode but later the same got surfaced & even the Pakistan had admitted to this & this time too they will admit & we should believe to our forces who already has given their stand onto this & left the disclosure of the evidences to up to the government to act on this because few things are good when dealt politically & professionally. The most important observation could be their different stands by the different sources of the Pakistani side & the truth would soon be coming out open to the world.

    This is also the diplomatic win for our country that no single country went against us but just opposite to this they came in support for us. Many of us wouldn't agree to this but it is for sure the efforts of PM Modi that is now paying off with the results that even China is supporting us with questioning the Pakistan but if we don't understand this fact now than when?

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    Now the position of Pakistan is like it can't eat or it can't omit. If they admit that they have used F 16, America will not support and may not supply any defence equipment to the country. So they are not able to accept that fact.
    If they say 300 terrorists died in the bombing by India the whole world will say why you are allowing those terrorists in your country. So they are not able to accept the facts.
    The policy of the Indian government in dealing with the other countries paid the dividends now. Our External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj was in China and she played an important role in getting the support of the friendly Country of Pakistan that is China.
    Now the whole world recognised that Pakistan is the Paradise for terrorists and nobody will believe their words and I hope our Country will show proofs to all about the attack on terrorists and use of F 16 by Pakistan shortly.

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    The culprit always denies its misdeeds until they are proved. So, Pakistan will use all sort of methods to prove himself innocent.

    Any country who gives shelter to terrorists is always under pressure to show-off to the world that it is not in collusion to them. Pakistan is now facing the dilemma of getting cut by its own pet.

    Anyway, the Pakistan's intentions are all known in the international community and whatever it claims become untrue soon.

    The Pakistan Govt announces everything just to keep its public happy so that they do not rebel against the present regime there.

    Sometimes the hands of those persons are burnt who burn others houses.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Everything was covered in the media not only in India but also in the foreign countries.

    Now denying these things will not be believed by the whole world and it is sinh a futile exercise by desparate Pakistan.

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    Whenever India gave evidence of terrorists linked to attack on Indian soil, Pakistan has denied it fully.
    What more can we expect, Pakistan is caught between a rock and a hard place. It can neither blame India for destroying the camps nor publish casualty figures. If they agreed, then it would automatically imply it's role in sheltering and promoting terrorism.

    Ironically, USA in the first place, supplied F-16's to Pakistan with the clause that it would be used only for it's fight against terrorism. In the end, the F-16s were used against India in retaliation for India's surgical strike at Balakot. If proven, the US would have a moral obligation to pull up Pakistan for 'misuse' Pakistan would do everything in it's power and beyond to muddle the reputation of India. So, it would continue its denial.

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    Please remember the saying' You can wake up a sleeping person, but cannot wake up a person who pretends to sleep'.
    Pakistan pretends sleep and ignorance-deliberately. Most other countries also know this-including US and China. But they have their own vested interests. So US will try to play a Good Samaritan and advise peace and mediation. After Indira Gandhi, now PM Modi knows this well. Modi led government is doing its efforts to safeguard our nation's interests. But it is not a miracle or magic to see instant results.
    We have to find the weak points of other countries. We have to show them that they are going to lose if they do not side with us. Sometimes it needs pleasing, sometimes subtle political or economical black mailing. For that the government needs the nation's full support with unity. The inimical sides will try their best to divide us. But we should not fall a prey to that. Right or wrong our voice and language should be one-that of safeguarding national interest.

    As I always say, international politics is governed by the principle'enemy of my enemy is my friend' and 'what is there for me in this'. India should also play according to this principle. I think, Modi government is doing much in this regard.

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    Very few countries including other Islamic countries believe what Pakistan says. This terrible non-nation has lost all credibility. They even denied to take back the dead bodies of NLI soldiers during the Kargil conflict. Later they had to admit and they even gave two soldiers their highest gallantry award (Capt. Karnal Sher Khan and Hav. Lalak Jan). The same thing has been going on since then. Pakis denied their role in the Mumbai attack, Kandahar hijack, everywhere.

    Who bothers about their denial? The world community will go on kicking the Pakis' ........

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Except for the pseudo seculars with their propaganda in our country including the Pakistan are in a denial mode but the rest of the countries are agreed to with the stand of our current regime of governance & even went on extra miles to support us. Doesn't this good enough to decide on about who can provide us with the good governance on every front or we would still like to go ahead with our eyes closed?

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