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    How long do fragrance of love last?

    What fragrance is to flower, love is to a human being" as long as there is love in you, you are alive. Love is a sign of aliveness, it is like a flower. If you let the one you love free, it will grow. As long as flower is on the plant it will bloom and spread fragrance all around. Its fragrance make environment rejuvenating and beautiful but once it is plucked,it starts fading and losing fragrance. It is a human nature to keep things they love with immense care and protection, the same thing we do in relationships. We try to control the person we love because we have grown up with this fear of losing. So we put certain restriction onto others which is surely not an act of love. It is more like making someone your slave. We should let the people we love free and give them freedom to live, grow and enjoy life as they want, if we impose restrictions then they may not evolve fully which is neither good for their personal growth nor for relationship. Controlling a person you love and putting certain restriction is like plucking a flower from a plant and letting it die. By doing so we may keep a flower but with time it will die and we shouldn't forget that no dead flower spreads fragrance.
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    Love never dies but lives forever. Love fades but never vanishes. Love grows and blossoms with love. Love cannot be bought. Love cannot be loaned. Love has to be earned. Love has to be distributed. Love has to be shared. There is no end to love. Love is everlasting.
    No life without Sun

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