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    How often do we apologize?

    Behavioral experts who go deep into applied behavioral science research, emphasize the value of apologizing for our mistakes. It might even happen with our son or grandson. If we had beaten him or her, for no fault on their part, it is fine to apologize so that the hurt is gone at that very moment.

    Even in our offices, we need to forget our egos and then keep apologizing for any small mistake. We cannot and should not stand on prestige on such matters. It is fine to do so. The concerned person will also mostly reciprocate easily. After all, no one is a villain as shown in many Tamil or Telugu movies to bear a grudge for a long time.

    Let us first start this act of apologizing. If we do not have this habit in a big way, let us at least start somewhere. In my personal experience, it does work. Tempers are cooled down and we can possibly live and work in peace. Much more safely and happily than what was even thought possible.
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    Apologising for your mistakes is very important and essential in our life to keep our relationships good. Few people have ego issues they dont even apologise for their mistakes they may have done knowingly. Such people are wrong and are not liked by people. These people argue with others for no reasons. I always try to avoid such people as they may harm you at any stage of your life.

    Also, we should forgive people if they realise their mistakes because realising the mistake is important. But there are people too who commit mistakes often and have the habit of apologising. Such people are also not good as one should learn from past mistakes and try not to repeat them in future.

    I am sort of a person who easily forgives people and gives them a chance. We should not be so egoistic and should forgive and forget things and make our lives and other's lives less complicated.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Accepting our mistakes and asking for an excuse or apologising requires a lot of courage. Many people try to defend themselves even though they know that they have committed a mistake. Some people try to prove that they are correct by using their power and position. Sometimes even though we are right we may have to keep silent because of the power of the other person.
    I will accept my mistake and sometimes even though I am not a fault I will say sorry to another person to pacify the situation and bring the situation normal. If not today, after some time definitely people will understand their mistake and feel sorry for their misdeeds. If not God is there to see all of us and definitely a lesson will be taught by him to the people as required. I suffered many times because of my this attitude but I never failed in my attempts and endeavours so far.

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    Apologising is great thing only if we can use it in real life. It is that cream which removes all the scars in no time.

    It is our ego and false prestige which blocks our mind for apologising. We feel that by apologising we will become inferior or nobody. It is not so. By apologising we can restore our prestige and reputation.

    Just consider that somebody is coming to us and asking us to forgive him for the mistake. How do we feel? Good. So, same way the other person feels when we apologise. Let us practice this art of apologising to make the world a better place to live away from unnecessary confrontations and fights.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Admitting a mistake and Apologizing for it needs a lot of courage. Once a person knows a mistake he commits, it is always better to apologize for the same.

    I will mark a person, who says sorry after committing a mistake intentionally or unintentionally, as brave. Because it needs courage to say so. But we rarely see such sincere people who feel sorry after committing a mistake.

    People in this materialistic world often can be seen arguing or shouting on each other in an effort to prove their might and show to people they are right without realizing the mistake.
    People do not care too much about sincerity and often brag of their ego-a biggest obstacle in being a sincere and honest person.

    I will apologize if I commit any mistake and there no problem doing that. People can commit mistakes and mistakes are often repeated by people but we should develop a sense of apologizing and should also learn to accept the apology.

    Apologizing is the quality which can bring together the broken relations, it can uphold the friendships and it can strengthen our social setup and live in peace and prosperity.

    If you have done anything wrong or are feeling guilty, don't carry this burden. Just say sorry, you not only feel light but also feel happy.

    Ego destroys social relations. Stay away from it. And learn to say sorry.

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    In our life, there are many occasions when we confront and fight with each other or to our superior. Sometimes we fight with our elders in the family. These things are part of our life but when we coolly think about these in the aftermath of those conflicts we find in some of the cases fault was ours.

    So in such cases we must apologise and that is the only way to get peace and solace in our life. There is nothing to be ashamed of apologising.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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