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    Like Lord Krishna, Modi should give a stern warning to our Western neighbour

    For the last 70 years, we had enough from our Western neighbour since partition. We had been tolerating all the nuisances created by them. It is time to act now.

    Like the Krishna of Mahabharatha who tolerated 100 abuses of his cousin Sisubala, and killed him with his Sudharsana Chakra, India should also give a stern warning that our neighbour would be zeroed if attempted to encourage terrorism and help terrorist groups operating from their land.

    Considering that the last abuse was the attempt to attack our Military installation by their F16 fighters, any further attempt should not be tolerated but dealt with seriously. We should be prepared on our land, sky and sea.

    What do you say?
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    Everybody is warning them but they are not listening to any of the warnings. Nobody wants war and nobody should, but when things go out of hands action has to be taken. I do not know from where the Pakistani authorities are getting support to carry out all these terrorist activities, the global politics is not so easy and every nation must cooperate to eradicate terrorism.

    Still now China is blocking efforts to list Masood Azhar, the JeM founder, as a global terrorist. It is difficult to understand their motive. We all know that China is an all-weather friend of Pakistan and they must be helping out Pakistan in many ways. The situation is too complex here and only military actions won't be able to solve the problem. Along with that, all diplomatic options have to be exercised to find a solution.


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    Yes. The need of the hour is actions but not words. This message should go to Pakistan without any ambiguity. I think the message has gone to Pakistan as the other Muslim countries are also not in agreement with their views. This was proved by the latest act of OIC. They ignored Pakistan's request not to invite India. This might have sent enough signals to that country and they readily agreed to send back our man.
    Lord Krishna not only sent the message but also he has seen that all the evil forces will leave this earth. Probably in the same our PM also will see that all terrorist activities will stop and no terrorist will be there on this earth.

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    I know you expected a war but wars are useless. That's the reason why "war" as we know it didn't happen in past 30 years around the world. There were "unrests" and "skirmishes". Wars are costly. Instead we can use sanctions and preventive measures. We already were ready to stop rivers from entering their country. Let's do it again. We will blockade their ports having help from other best navys in the world. This will put them in a difficult position and we would not stop until they handover the terrorist leaders.
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    Let us discuss the issue with reference to Nations involved but not the individuals. Yes, I agree, India should send strong signals to the countries responsible for sponsoring terrorism and disturbing us should not be spared anymore. Enough is enough, we can't be delivering a leeway approach to the issues which are creating havoc to the Nation.

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    Terrorism is a worldwide problem and different countries are treating it differently. Still, solutions are not emerging so easily.

    It means it requires something to be done more severely and sternly. In China, terrorist activities are at a very low ebb only due to the strong control from top.

    We being a democracy can not go for a thing like shoot at sight but there are some dubious elements in our country who are hand in glove with the terrorists and we must deal with them firmly

    The Jews were torchered and victimised throughout the globe by the various communities but when they got a small place called Israel, they stuck back with full force and gave a good lesson to all these powers and today these powers shiver in the name of Israel. We must learn from Israel if we want to teach a lesson to these terrorists and their friends.

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    What about the enemies sitting on our soil & spreading lies & hatred along with creating divisions on the different means. Don't you feel that eliminating them would reduce more than half of the danger that we are facing since long but would that be possible than? During the both the strikes by our forces, we evident of the lots of cheap politics by the various political parties, more especially by the political parties who are fighting against to the current leadership of PM Modi that few even go on asking for the proofs that even TMC leader Mamta Banerjee went on blaming the BJP government for setting this whole propaganda so as get more votes. In our country, the MH Congress head termed the Army chief as the "Gali ka gunda". In what context that we feel, that we can teach Pakistan the unforgettable lesson in the near future within these all?

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    In a democracy, at times we should become dictatorial to deal with such a situation. Personnel becoming anti-national and helping the enemies directly or indirectly should be put behind the bars with no mercy and hesitation. We should bring in some change in our constitution to deal with the traitors. True. We have our own black sheep who seek the help of our enemies to grab the power.

    @ We can tolerate anything against our leaders, but not our nation.

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    Modi has already given warning publicly and international community has also taken a note of it. In spite of this if the terrorists do not subdue their activities then they should get surprised attack on them and that will be destructive to them. So things are going in correct direction.
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    Yes, the PM and our armed forces have given a clear warning that we will not tolerate terrorist attacks anymore.
    So far Pakistan had turned a blind eye to terrorism originating from within its soil. The geopolitical equation is too complex but there is a definite change in the tone since the recent surgical strike 2.0. Barring the OIC and China to an extent, the rest of the nations are with India. In the future, whichever party is in power, the leadership should provide an assertive action along with diplomatic talks for such intrusions.

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