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    Due to Air attack on Pakistan will BJP get benefit in Election 2019?

    Due to Air attack on Pakistan will BJP get benefit in Election 2019? If Modi will be back I think it will be good because he did good job as PM and if he get next chance then he can do best for India. If Congress will come then again slow motion development and we will all be only on Hope not action.
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    Congress party which ruled for 10 years did not think about our Armed forces and did nothing to strengthen it. No Guns, No ships, No aircraft. It could not procure any new aircraft to match the latest technology. While our enemy forces gained strength, our force became weak and thin. Congress could not complete the Rafale aircraft deal. Whereas, the BJP government did its best to acquire new aircraft. The deal has been completed and new aircraft would reach India soon in flyaway condition as assured by our RM.

    Further, the recent air attack against the terrorist groups as a retaliatory action has proved the might, strength and guts of Modi government. It has added some points to gain votes for BJP in election 2019.

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    This is now a fact that the voters are comparing the performances of the different governments & the truths are being realized by them. Only a few days back that we were only concerned with the issues like the jobs in the market, the issues of the farmers along with the reservation but now the matter of national security has also come up into the debates with the fact that we are lacking the latest fighter jets into our account & that the Congress party did nothing to modernize the weaponry systems but always moved us to become part of some cheap politics in the name of religion, caste & communities. The Congress for sure wouldn't be attractive this time for the voters since PM Modi also came out with the budget which has been liked by the common voters with the arrangements that even the down trodden peoples have also been taken care-of.

    The Congress party is in back foot being the case that they are left with no major escalations accept to keep on raising some concerns with the Refale deal but having no proof with the clearance from the SC as well would prove out to be of no big help for them.

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    It is good for BJP. The decisions taken by the government, the planning done by them and the maturity the External Affairs Minister shown while talking in OIC were well received by many people in the country and the people are thinking that they are safe in the hands of this government. People will not forget this incident for a long time.
    Even at this juncture opposition leaders are still trying to criticize the government. By doing this they are indirectly giving the people a chance to understand the immaturity of these parties.
    Now people are more sympathetic towards the present government in the centre and the present leadership. This is a positive swing for the party and there is every chance that they will come to power in the coming elections in 2019.

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    The elections are still not announced. Every political party wants to exploit any situation and opportunity coming to its favour. As of now the people have a favourable mind towards the Modi led government, as the feeling is that this government acts and acts with a sincere intention towards national interest.

    But election time discussion and exploitation can be quite different, Media with its own bias can bring in any subject, sensationalise it, blow it out of proportion and then influence the voters. There will be planted stories, manufactured lies and syndicated subjects apart from subtle and underground interference. Things will be presented in such a way that normal people may find it difficult differentiate between facts and half truths; truths and manufactured lies.

    The situation can be swung in anyway. But if people are vigilant, prudent and vigilant, then they can chose the right people and party/ side for the next government. I trust the capability of our countrymen (voters) to do the right thing at the right time in this regard.

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    Would the air attack help BJP? Yes, the air strike would definitely boost the image of the ruling party and the leaders. But it is not as simple at it sounds. It is a delicate situation and personally, the use of the air attacks as poll propaganda would be an insult to all the martyrs who laid their lives in the line of service around the surgical strike time.
    The recent remark of BJP leader Mr.BSY from Karnataka about the strike helping to get more seats has been pointed out by Mr. Imran Khan's party and Indian opposition parties. I do n't think BJP leaders would want further embarrassment.

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    Whenever the public at large is happy by the actions of Govt the advantage goes to the Govt whether it is elections or any other mandate. This is a world wide phenomenon.

    Even in our family if the family members are happy with the leader of the family, everyone will follow him abide by him and respect him.

    So the mileage will come to BJP in a natural way.

    There are some downsides also. India is a big country and there are different religions, ethnic, local groups also which have a good public following. They may be small as a percentage wise but they also matter and if they find or misled by their leaders that present policies are going to harm them in long run, they will go with opposition, irrespective of the fact that whoever is the leader there in the opposition.

    Apart from that, there are people who want to have power and positions in the country and they will try every possible effort to topple the present regime and then come to power and settle the pending scores.

    Remember, we are not a communist regime, we are a democracy where we have to honour each and every sect even though it interferes with the mainstream national progressive schemes.

    So we are always in a catch-22 situation and do not know how much mileage BJP would get out of this fighting for eradication of terrorism in J & K.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes, the air attack and other responses by the decisive leadership (of NDA) will definitely help in the next election. The opposition leaders very well understand this. So, they are trying their level-best to belittle the achievements of our own Armed Forces.

    Common people will definitely take care of these rootless, short-sighted, power-hungry politicians in the next General Election.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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