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    Are you still blogging actively ?

    Are you still blogging actively ? I am not much active on blogging due to less benefit and decrease in searching index I only maintain some post monthly. Whats your view will blogging has good future or it will be outdated in future.
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    I am also not very active. Very rarely once or twice in a month, only I may be posting there. I am not getting much time for these activities. But still many people are active in blogging.
    always confident

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    The activity is going down day by day in my case also. The main reason is the blogging place is becoming more and more crowded and people are getting so many options for their search that many blogs are becoming redundant.

    Even the top blog sites which earlier were boasting a large volume are now look deserted. Every thing reaches a saturation value sooner or later and same thing is happening in blogging field.

    Still, there are some quality blogs which give researched and authentic material in a very presentable form and attract good traffic once a person has seen that level. So those blogs which are able to maintain their performance and quality are still making good money out of that activity.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I know the blogs / website which have good rank, great age and backlinks etc. are getting decent traffic and making good money are doing blogging actively.
    You need ask yourself, from 2009 and 2019 Google is making more money or not? If google is making more money it means more money is made by bloggers and webmasters. Only thing is the game is changed in one decade. More authoritative blogs / website with great content and good user experience are getting more and more traffic.

    So, If you are not successful than give one more shot. Who knows you may get great traffic in 2019

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    Yes very true blogger is being down day by day, Some times ago I was very active blogger and written lot of blogs but nowadays I rarely post in a month in all my blogs. I hope google will do something to bring all our interest back on blogging.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Very well explained by #660064/Rahul & I agree with him because if your contributions are useful & attract more traffic than for sure this will improve your earning as well & therefore keep contributing more & who knows that the coming times may prove out to be good for you.

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    Blogging is a hobby to me. I started m blog only two years ago. Optimal reach for my blog is very low, still I continue to post for my own interest. More than views, the comments keep me motivating. When it comes to monetary benefits, true the earning is very less. Because in recent days, many in default turn off the ads using softwares. Also, many finds You Tube as a good platform to reach and monetize for their contents. So even the bloggers shifted from blogging to video creations.

    Still I see many bloggers are active and fetching good traffic with their unique style of presentation and outstanding content. I am following them for almost a decade.

    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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