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    A big grand show of the rich, by the rich and for the rich

    The Mahashivarathri is a simple festival in March. Hundreds of thousands visit the numerous Shiva temples and pray to God. This is exactly what it should be.

    Today, on the outskirts of the beautiful Coimbatore city, we have none other than the President of India, visiting a huge place called Isha Yoga center. The entire place is under the control of a very controversial yoga Guru called Jakki Vasudev.

    This great Guru has virtually encroached on lands where elephants reside. The locals are unable to do anything. In fact, he dabbles in politics too and is said to have brokered the BJP alliance with the most corrupted AIADMK.

    Be that as it may, is it right for the President to attend a function like this? There will be dancing and some prayer. The rich and the very rich will mark their attendance. The so-called Guru himself dances and there is entertainment galore. Why is this nonsense allowed to take place?

    In the name of security, the city will be under siege. Hundreds of thousands of rupees will be gone. At least one State Minister with hundreds of chamchas in tow will be there. In a country, where millions even today survive with incomes as low as Rs.6000/- per month, why should we encourage such grand gala events, where only the rich gather?

    What do members have to say on this?
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    This is a big case study for networking and can be taught to MBA students.

    Some knowledgeable and resourceful people erect empires in the name of spirituality and wisdom and they flourish. Remember, some of them are genuine also though a majority is fake one like one Ram-Rahim which was nabbed by police about 1-1/2 year back.

    The case of Asharam Bapu is already known to people and I do not want to highlight that here.

    The point is that these people by their networking have access to high places in the Govt and invite the dignitaries for some inaugural functions or things like that.

    So they take advantage of their connections and networking. Even some renowned NGOs do that.

    Now the Govt official can not refuse the invitation because apparently it looks like all good on the surface. Tomorrow if something mean comes out the official will repent on the decision.

    So the whole world from Vatican city to temples in the Thailand is having such affiliations. There are people who are sponsoring them and funding them. They do not have any budget problem.

    Hare Krishna Hare Ram organisation initially did not get support from India but got an overwhelming funding from the US who were much impressed with Krishna consciousness.

    So you have elaborated one such case but there are thousands similar ones where a lot of activity and excitement is going on.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I saw the event of Mahashivratri organised by Sadhguru last year. I was spellbound. The musicality and events presented at that stage were quite beyond my comprehension. But then the very next day came the controversy. Sadhguru was blamed by students in an interview that he's procuring illegal land. The land that belongs to elephant passage actually. But Sadhguru says he is innocent and the verdict is yet to be given on this issue. But as for the proofs that Sadhguru provided in that conference, they all seemed pretty legit. The event is ofcourse a congregation of the rich. But his Isha foundation has millions of volunteers. And there is a huge local populace gathering too at this events, who aren't all that rich. He is the pivotal focus of spirituality in India. He's a huge figure.
    I see more goods in him than evil. Moreover his philosophy and writing is one of my favorites. So I like his personality.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Yes Sir. Even the Pope and all the institutions are very rich. Yet, at least there are fabulous colleges run by Christian authorities. Christ University for example. Loyola College, Chennai. St. Stephen s Delhi. The list goes on and on. But what contribution has this horrible character made? He runs a school within his campus. The charges runs into several lakhs of rupees.

    The go to the smaller towns and his disciples place a big box, literally coaxing the Yoga students to donate funds. Do you know how many fertile acres of land has been encroached?

    Worse, why should the President of India come here? A fabulous city will be under siege for 2 days. It is ridiculous.

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    To me,
    Jaggi Vasudev is not corrupt. He was a businessman turned spiritual leader. He is straight forward. He is highly intelligent and has his own principles. He is not harmful to society. He has challenged the people with evidence. When his encroachment of forest land was questioned, he challenged that if proved an inch of encroachment, he would leave the country. Whether rich or poor, I like this Yoga Guru. Unlike any other spiritual leader, he is sincere, serious, active and smart. He is not a womanizer like Nityananda or any other Ananda. His English is superb. No doubt, he is a good Master. There are millions of followers.

    He is far superior to the Spiritual leaders like Jayendra Saraswathi etc. who were involved in murder and corruption cases. They too had the politicians under their feet.

    I feel he is the incarnation of Vasudev Krishna in the form of Jaggi Vasudev.

    No life without Sun

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    I have no idea about Jaggi Vasudev. But I heard about Isha Foundation. In Fact 15 days back when I was travelling to Coimbatore on some work, my elder son was asking me to visit that place. But I have not visited as I don't have time to go there.
    Many big people these days are trying to occupy some land by telling the name of a God and they will construct a small place of worship with a big compound wall. Whether it may be a mosque or church or temple. big people are using this for their benefit.
    We can celebrate Mahasivaratri as an auspicious day but not as a festival. We have to be on fast today and we should not sleep in the night. This is what our elders tell us. But in our country, we want to show our richness whenever a chance comes to us. So we will try to perform, pooja also in a grand way forgetting the actual purpose of the event.

    always confident

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    There is nothing wrong if Jaggi Vasudev dances with the mass. Why because, Lord Shiva on whose name Maha Sivarathri is celebrated himself is an excellent dancer. His other name is Nataraj- NatanaRaj( Nat is the short form of Natanam means dance) (Dance King) Residing in Thilai of Tamilnadu.

    We cannot just close our eyes, sit quiet and chant 'Om Namasivaya' throughout the day and night of Maha Sivarathri. To be awake at night, we need to have some fun and entertainment.

    No life without Sun

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    Sun Sir, this great man can dance with thousands of gullible devotees all of whom have been mesmerized through this sort of entertainment. It is absolutely ridiculous. Yet let him dance with the elite of India.

    But who will pay the bill pertaining to the Visit of the President of India? How many ministers of the corrupt AIADMK will be there? At least ten lakh rupees of tax payer 'S money will be spent before it dawns tomorrow.

    The key question is: why should the President of India agree to this tamasha?

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    We cannot stop the president accepting the invitation. It is the President who should think about and act. President too one among the many millions who follow the spiritual leader Jaggi Vasudeva. President is privileged to move anywhere and everywhere under government expense.
    Ten lakhs is nothing. Please look at the way the tax payers money is distributed to the public by the AIADMK government. 1200 crores for 60 lac people (Rs. 2000/- is a peanut for the public). I am sure half of this 1200 crores will get into the pocket of the politicians.

    No life without Sun

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    There is one saying in Sanskrit - 'Veer Bhogya Vasundhara'. It means that the brave and smart enjoy in this world. It is a true saying.

    There are people who monetise their knowledge and smartness and even people in high places follow them for spiritual or other type of salvation.

    It is strange but reality of life.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I agree with the Sanskrit saying quoted in the previous post.

    Even the great tourist attractions like Taj Mahal would have been built by exploiting labour and land only. What about the modern Malls and Plazas and huge theatre complexes? For anything and everything there are two or more opinions. But,it will be just Utopian imagination and escapism to say that we should do something only after all people in the world are above poverty or all people have own homes etc.

    I don' know whether the author has seen the numerous Elephant statues erected on a land of huge ground in Lucknow . It includes a statue of the then UP CM, Recently the same was in the news in connection with a court case against that (former) CM on the matter.

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