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    Who is anti-national?

    The Hindu is one of the most respected newspapers in the world. Its editorial is the best in India. It has helped hundreds of thousands of youngsters to improve their English. It is always an "and'newspaper in most middle-class South Indian homes. It is now published even from Mumbai.

    This means millions buy The Hindu and just cannot stay away from it at all. The Hindu is run by one of the most respected families of Tamil Nadu. Its Chief, Mr. N. Ram is a highly respected journalist and does have his own views on anything. Nothing that is far away from the truth is never ever published in The Hindu. In fact, even the police check with The Hindu reporters for accuracy!!

    Be that as it may, Mr. N. Ram's efforts to piece together the deal relating to the purchase of Rafale jets has made the BJP see red. Mr. N. Ram has been branded "anti-national". Anyone who speaks against the ruling party is branded "anti-national". If someone speaks against demonetization, one Mr. H Raja, one of the most hated politicians in Tamil Nadu, jumps into the fray and the particular person is targetted.

    Should we not stop this atrocious practice? Journalists have total freedom to document anything. The same BJP celebrated the Bofors expose years ago, by the same The Hindu.

    Let us not be guided by stupidity.
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    Another Member raised the issue only a month back. The Rafale issue was discussed in detail many a time. N.Ram, the Editor of the Hindu, has lost all credibility because of his pathological hatred of Modi and BJP.

    A journalist who is incapable of reporting and reviewing without any partiality or bias can't be called a journalist. N.Ram is no longer a journalist. The Hindu, like Indian Express and many other newspapers, has turned into a mouthpiece of anti-national people and parties. Constant criticism of Rafale deal without going into the criminal delay of purchasing the aircraft during the UPA regime is nothing but an anti-national act.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Any person, group or party who is doing corrupt practices and eating the public money is anti national.

    Any person, any group or any party who in the name of religion or culture not abiding by common citizen rules and regulations of the country is anti national.

    Any person, any group or any party who has connections and affiliation with terrorist groups is anti national.

    Any person, any group or any party who is selling the secrets of our country to others are anti national.

    The punishment for all anti national elements should be alike.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Anti Nationals are those persons who are trying to become big. rich and popular at the cost of the Nation. In the process of accumulating wealth people who try to ignore the safety and security of the Nation is definitely are anti-National.

    I was also of very good opinion about this Newspaper. I advised many people to read this paper to improve their language. I also used to see the correct news even though a little late. But recently I stopped this paper.

    These days I heard many people talking about the change in the attitude of the paper. I heard many people telling that these days this paper also has become like any other paper to get good grants and aids.

    It is never correct to say that every person as anti-national if they are not accepting your views and if they are differing with your views.

    always confident

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    I don't agree with the argument that 'The Hindu' is anti-national as it publishes the truth. Who knows? There could be truth in Mr. Ram's publication about the Rafale deal. The same 'The Hindu' published the Bofors scandal and got appreciation. Just because he wrote the reality of the ruling government BJP, he cannot be termed as anti-national.

    @ Hindu speaks only truth nothing but the truth.

    No life without Sun

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    We have talked on this subject so many times that now I have beginning to feel that the same material is being copy pasted after certain duration of time with the same content & with the same motives behind it. We again have Rafale here is no surprising for me but what I feel challenging is that we finally have few who has gone above to the decision of the SC of India & more are coming. I would like to refer the President of the Congress party here who already have made a fun of himself that each time he comes-up with a different kinds of documents (sometimes the internal communications of a company) which although consisting of some different transactions but tries to link with the Rafale deal altogether. He also came-up with different pricing / costing as well in the different times are also well known to all of us.

    In addition, the official letter as published in The Hindu is not completely shown but instead a specific para has been displayed & keeping the remaining portion in order to just create the headlines & those removed portions have well been circulated in the media in all the reputed news channels.

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