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    "Where do you see yourself in five years?"

    This is a very common question that candidates appearing for interviews face in HR interview. And quite often their answers dont satisfy HRs. Unfortunately I am in my fourth year of engineering and am appearing for interviews. Yesterday I was thrown with this question too. I am a very creative person but I am also desperate to settle. So I didn't venture too much and answered "In a managerial position in your firm". Which is a pretty cliche' answer. No one wishes for demotion. People always aim higher and this is their go to answer often. Since we have experienced members here on ISC; who have all been working for years, I want to hear their answers to this age old question.
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    This is a very common question HR will ask the person attending the interview. There is no correct answer or wrong answer to this question as far as I am concerned. So the answer given by you is very apt and nothing wrong in this. Everybody will have some aspirations. You have shown your desire to go up in the ladder.
    Once I have also faced the same question. My answer is this. I want to join your company and work for the company in such a way that my bosses will get satisfied with my abilities and give me enough chance to grow up. So within the next 5 years, I am visualising myself as a General Manager of this company. I don't know whether they have liked my answer or not. But I got the job and joined there as a Manager and after 3 years I was promoted as General Manager of the company.
    This is my personal experience. Probably these questions may be useful to know about the candidate's interest in work and his ambitions.

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    Oh, in that case I guess it is a question to guess a person's honesty Dr. Rao. A honest person would describe his aspiration. But a dishonest person in order to woo the company will make comments like "serving you better" or "being a valuable asset to the company". Good to know that your answer yielded you the job you desired. I hope I get placed too.
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    This question is asked to judge the aspirations and confidence of the candidates and the interviewers will make out a lot about the candidate from the answer of this question.

    So, be confident and answer this question in a positive tone. You must show your willingness to work for the company and also show your intention to work in such a way that the productivity and profitability of the company increases and with that you also foresee a bright future for you as per the promotion policies of the company.

    A positive and confident answer is what they expect from the candidates, Any doubt or confusion or probable thing in answer will not satisfy them. In addition to academic qualifications they want to see the other traits like confidence and positivity in the candidates.

    So prepare your answer in a constructive and positive manner.

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    I did not face any such interview in my life. But your answer to the question was apt. If I were to answer your question, I would say that I would be drawing a 6 figure salary after 5 years of service.(Considering the pay scale present is only a 5 figure). It also means that I would work hard and reach a high level.
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    Interview questions are generally asked to assess the personality of the person whether he will be able to guide the people in their organisation and manage the things in a proper way or not. So while answering these questions the person should answer very confidently that he is looking to that opportunity and will like to work for the progress and development of the organisation with full vigour and zeal.
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    Actually HR wanted to know "how much aspiration in your personality?" I wanted to millionaire in next 5 years. I also have plans for 10 years down the line.

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    This is a very normal question asked by an interviewer. Of course, they want to see a candidate's confidence and judge what a candidate thinks about himself. I have faced lots of interviews in my life but have never been asked this question. But if i had been asked I would have replied: " I would see myself as an entrepreneur after 5 years as I will work just to gain practical experience".

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    The Board of interview would be interested to know the mind - faculty of individual and in your case the response made by you seems to be an apt answer and is indicative of your positive mind - frame. In interview, there are different parameters to assess the personality of the candidates. They would be rather pleased by noting the optimistic spirit of the interviewees.
    In my interview way back to 1982, I was asked why I was interested to join inside the plant as a Management-trainee and my response was I am always interested to achieve the target set by the management in terms of production. This resulted in my posting in Bye - product plant in the steel industry where the atmosphere remains polluted with dust and ejection of gas harmful to lungs. However, that unfortunate phase passed with my posting in a comfortable laboratory within a year.

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    This is a very common interview question. They just check your confidence level. So, be confident and answer this question in a positive tone.

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    The question presents you the opportunity to market yourself. Show the interview panel your grit and determination. Let them see your eagerness and resolve. Let them see you as a go-getter.

    Your job is to make the interviewers see you as a manager. For that, you will need to give them a glimpse of the journey you'll take. Make your aspirations more believable.

    Frame your response on these lines -

    I see myself as being more confident and knowledgeable. In five years I see myself as someone who has developed/bettered his skills and honed new ones. I see growth on all fronts. I would make the best of the opportunities given to me and amass knowledge and skills – learning from the best in the industry and through observation. I see myself as someone that the company will see as an asset. I see myself as someone that you (the panel) can take pride in, for having recruited me into the company.

    I see myself climbing the ladder and in a better position. I am confident of myself because I am a quick and enthusiastic learner. I don't let opportunities go wasted. The post I am interviewing for is a dream job, in a field that I am passionate about… And I am eager to work here learn from the best while realising my dreams of becoming a manager.

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