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    What are the Ways To Keep Your Child Away From Smart Phone Addiction?

    What are the Ways To Keep Your Child Away From Smart Phone Addiction? What are the disadvantages of mobile addiction on kids . Is there any advantage also. Is your kids also passing on same situation of Mobile addiction?

    Initially to give time to yourself you give mobile to your kids but slowly its become addition so when you want then he will irritate you for Mobile.

    I hope you will response and give good advice on this.
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    We should not encourage children to use smartphones. Unnecessarily they will get addicted to it. For this, the elders should spare some time to engage children and tell them some stories, play with them and go for some walk with them and see that they are happy and they will not get diverted. But without giving time to them and ask them to play on their own or alone they may not like that. If we ignore them and avoid them if we give a phone to them they will get addicted to it. All depends on how much some elder person can spare for engaging the kid. The grandparents will be of much help in this accept. They can engage them for long telling them stories and playing with them.
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    You said very true DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao. Smartphone is big problem today and due to increasing work and busy schedule we mostly give smartphone to kids to get some times to do our work but that become addiction later on. We need to think at start and avoid to give more to kids for video and game play.
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    It requires a lot of self control and discipline to cure the smartphone addiction. We have to present a bench mark in front of the children by not using it ourselves unnecessarily all the times. Children learn what their parents do.

    We have to show what we want them to mimic. Taking the children out to parks, nature trails, educational tours etc helps as their mind is diverted to positive and constructive activities.

    Children who are most of the time confined to indoors are more prone to catch this infection and they should be encouraged for some outdoor activities also. Once this addiction is set, it requires a lot of corrective actions and efforts to get rid of it.

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    Judicious use of the smart- phone has to be taught to our children. Definitely in the field of education the children will be greatly benifited with the right use of smartphone. Invariably all the smart phones are equipped with the Google - search making them accessible to different plateforms relating to education. It must be the duty of parents and guardians to guide their wards how to use such plateforms for the enrichment of knowledge.
    Addiction to such apparatus is due to lack of supervision of the children from the parental- side or it may be the drawback of its excess use is not percolated to the innocent minds. Training of the children starts at home with an early age and the same pattern is to be continued till they attain age of adulthood. A good blend of love and discipline would make these children sensetive citizens.

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    As a parent, you have a great role here. First, you have to control yourself and keep away the smartphone. Use it only when it is necessary. If both the parents keep themselves busy with their own smart mobile devices whenever they are at home, kids are not to be blamed. All the smart mobile devices have a lot of functions which is really unthinkable.

    Just imagine! You can do almost everything from those devices. The smart mobile devices are indeed useful, but we are compulsive and think it is always necessary and therefore fiddle it all the time to use its various features and apps. To any kid, it's the wonder device and when they start using it they easily become addicted. You have to spend quality time with your kids and this quality time doesn't mean you will show your kids the Youtube videos played on any of your smart mobile devices. Engage your kids in activities that they can enjoy. Let them go outside and play with the other kids in your locality. Arrange different funny games and you actively participate along with your kids. They always love when parents actively participate with them in any activities. There are many indoor games available also. Engage your kids with those things and I hope you can keep them away from your smart gadgets.


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    If the children get the addiction of smartphone then they are so much engaged with it that they leave everything aside. This becomes a very bad habit and they can not then be interested in studies or any other interesting work.

    Parents have a difficult time in getting these children away from the gadget and sometimes they have to take help of psychologists also.

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    Smartphone addiction in children is a problem and it needs to be cured with utmost care and intelligence. Anything good or bad done by parents have far-reaching consequences on children because children are highly imitators.
    They copy what you do. So, be careful about doing any wrong activity before children!

    As for the smartphone addiction is concerned, parents need to engage children in creative activities, play games with them or take them to an outing to a nearby picnic spot, such activities shall be great in strengthening the personality of our children.

    Teaching children moral lessons, and inspiring them to help the needy. Encourage children to participate in quiz and debate competitions in schools and train them from home for such activities instead of giving them mobile phone.

    Inculcate the sense of saving money in children which they can later use for buying books or other necessary items from their own pockets.

    We can always teach children some better thins that can help them in a future life and always try to engage them with some activities but also keep in mind the children should not get bored; they should get a free atmosphere to grow without putting too much pressure.

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    The only effective way to keep our children away from smartphone addiction , is to keep ourselves away from the smart phone. It is only by example that we can expect compliance from our children.
    Just as how we use the other domestic appliances only for the necessity, similarly we should also use the smartphone only for the absolute necessities. We should set example by interacting more in person with our family, friends, relatives, colleagues and co-travellers. We should ourselves involve and also provide to our children entertainment and involvement in other matters than smartphone.

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    I have written two articles on this subject, with some tips for the parents.

    What to do to stop your child's addiction of gadgets and How to stop children from playing with gadgets.

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