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    The darkness of the whole of the world can not extinguish a lighting candle.

    I liked the phrase in the title of this post and was thinking about its relevance to the students who are good in education but due to lack of opportunities and networking take time and do everything on their own to get success in life and carve out a career.

    So, if a student has ability and will to work hard and determination and focussed approach to his goals then no difficulties and adversities can block his path. He will ultimately achieve his ambitions and realise his aspirations.

    The world is full of challenges and charting a path for a satisfying career in life is a most difficult task but one has to sustain patience and endurance and fight like a continuous burning candle.

    What do you feel about this?
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    Hard work and determination are the only elements for progress and development and there is no doubt about that.

    So if a persons is firm in his objectives and constantly endeavours for it, the obstacles will be automatically removed.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Yes, the world is full of challenges and in our lives too we had to face lots of challenges. Whatever may be the challenges, if someone is determined enough to overcome those she/he can do it. Finding a satisfying career is no doubt a challenging task because most of the people are not satisfied with their career. A student must focus on things, not only on studies but on other activities too that will help to lead a balanced life in future.

    Nowadays, it is seen that because of academic pressure students are finding it difficult to manage time for hobbies. For any age, finding some time for oneself is important. Everybody must know and practice different balancing tactics in life. For this, patience is required. One has to endure pains to achieve the target. Throughout life, one has various targets and when one reaches a target she/he sets another one. This continues and to achieve all the targets one has to toil a lot.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Yes. it is true. A lighting candle will show us the path even in heavy darkness also. No darkness can extinguish the candle. But there is a chance wind can put off the light of the candle. So one should be careful about the wind.

    The student's ability is the light of the candle. He should protect it from unnecessary activities which are like winds which can put off the ability. So he should focus on learning with the ability he had, then he will be successful.

    There are many people in the world who are not rich by birth. A rich can spend money and can get whatever he wants. If he is not getting a seat here, he can fly another country and study there. But a student from a middle-class family or poor family has to work hard, focus on studies and see that he will be able to get his desired fulfilled.

    always confident

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    It is true that hurdles can delay someone's progress, but if a person is firm in one's effort then no one can stop him from succeeding. Even dim light can spread brightness to an extent in darkness because it is its character. Darkness cannot hide light but on the contrary, even a ray of light can remove darkness.

    Thus, nothing can stop from enjoying success if a person is talented and hard working. A person has to be honest and sincere also to achieve success and it proves that people with talent and effort cannot be pushed back. They will shine like a polestar for someone.


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