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    How would you refer the coined terms for you when this supposedly not meant for you?

    We are the recipients of some different kinds of trends but I would say the increasing trends since long & this in context to about how we refer to the others & how the others refer to us. This seems quite interesting for many of us but for the rest, I think the whole definition of identities have been changed on how we are we being misinterpreted for being judgmental on our acts or as the case may be with the others. On the note, we have numbers of groups which have surfaced belonging to the different ideologies, perceptions & viewpoints such as the seculars, the pseudo-seculars. In many of the cases, we refer others in the name of some personalities which although may be dead or alive or as the case may be but during the tenure of those they were remembered either for the good qualities or for the bad qualities & therefore we are in actual try to settle the issue by making comparisons within the two different kinds of aspects.

    But in the last, does this really matters for the others or to us? According to me, these are some kind of physiological satisfactions that one carries within us & this got nothing to do with the physical extortions that we intend to have for others or visa-versa.
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    Now if somebody wishes to coin a special term to describe you, you have a little role to play there. Maybe either you will laugh at it or become angry after hearing that term. During our childhood, we used to coin a term or give a name to a few of our friends to signify something. A friend who is always late maybe given a name to signify this particular character. One who is too serious maybe given another name. This is the usual practice.

    Now when somebody uses a particular term which is in practice to describe a specific ideology, I don't find this unnatural. If you do not follow that ideology, you can always tell those persons, who call you by a term that signifies the ideology, that you have a different set of ideology and never followed it. Tell them to stop calling you by that name/term or just ignore them.

    Does it really matter what others think of you? Just be yourself and if you want to protest be assertive and say it clearly that what others are saying is not applicable to you in any way.


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