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    In which State is pottery a big means of livelihood for people?

    Come summer and our thirst goes up any number of times. The age-old mud pots are famous throughout India.

    Hundreds of them were engaged in this profession. Once we boil and filter this water, we can pour it into these mud pots and we would get really good cool water. Very much purified, as there is a natural filtering mechanism. The water at the bottom is not safe to drink. Otherwise, the entire water is okay and fit for drinking purposes.

    However, these days we do not see much of these pots at all. We seem to be going in only for the most modern refrigerators and the water stored is not supposed to be good for health, according to some experts.

    Be that as it may, from a sheer economics point of view, members may please share the details of the activities of the potters in their States. It is a highly skilled profession and they do deserve our patronage, at least in summer.
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    If you really want to know the pottery state, just google "Thanjavuru Mannu Eduthu - A Tamil song".

    You will really enjoy the pottery scene, the song, the music, the dance and the beautiful characters involved in pottery.

    Come back and tell me about the pottery state.

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    There are many states in which pottery is being made and they have their own style and finishing. These states are mainly Rajasthan, UP, Bihar, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

    As far as labour engagement is considered many people are employed in this trade in UP. Some of the high class polished pottery in India is solely made for export purposes also.

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    I'm not aware about the figures from Karnataka. However, in Bangalore, already the weather is hot and there are many roadside vendors both in residential areas and along major roads, all selling earthenware. This includes pots and jugs of various sizes, some with tap attachments. We have two small pots at home and the taste of water is from the refrigerator cooled one.

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    Excellent. Great to know this news. As long as exports keep growing and our foreign exchange position also improves, we should encourage the trade people. It is a good piece of news. There are some NGOs seriously interested in improving the skills of those traditionally engaged in the trade. I shall pass on the news to them, so that they can visit the other places and check for training facilities or arrangements.

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    In A.P. we can see selling of these pots, jugs, oil lamps, plates used as lids for water pots. In the summer season, we can see this business at some corners of the city or towns. In the past, people used to bring these articles on hand driven vehicles. Mostly even now in villages, this pottery art is there and some of the families dependent on this business only. People mostly use clay made lamps in Deepavali or kartheeka maasam.

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    Our forefathers were aware of the benifits of earthen - pots and one of such items is known as Surahi. They used to preserve their total consumption of water in such pots for the daily consumption. It had the provision of an external lids to be fitted at the tops to insulate the preserved water from the external heat. Such pots have not disappeared altogether. These pots can be seen in villages apart from their usage in the towns and cities. These pots have been further modified with the provision of taps so that inlet of water from such pots are convenient in case of requirement.
    With the advent of fridges and its growing popularity, consumption- pattern of these mud pots has decreased if not eliminated altogether. We should not ignore the drawbacks of the water stored in fridges. Excess cooling of water as a result of its storage in the fridges may cause health hazards such as falling prey to cough and cold, indigestion etc whereas earthen pots are devoid of such drawbacks.
    At least circulation of such mud pots generate opportunities among the rural people to strengthen their income - potential.

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    Yes, water stored in the mud pots is safe for drinking. But in cities, people usually don't these and store water in the refrigerators in summer. Even the doctors say that water of refrigerator is not good for the health.

    Earthen pots are porous so the water on its wall evaporates and keep the water inside cool.

    Also since clay is alkaline in nature it helps to maintain the Ph balance in our bodies because the human body is known to be acidic in nature. Alkaline clay then reacts with the acidic water hence creating a proper pH balance. Hence, acidity and gastronomic pains are relieved.

    Drinking from an earthen pot can boost metabolism without dangerous chemicals like which can be found in plastic bottles and containers.

    But that's sad most of us dont use the earthen pots these days in spite of lots of benefits involved.

    In villages of UP still, people rely on these pots (matka) for storing and to keep water cool.


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    Pottery in India has a very long history. Pottery is in use from the early settlements of Lahuradewa and the Indus Valley Civilization. It is treated as a cultural art in India.

    Uttar Pradesh is very famous for this industry. Khurja, Chinhar, Chunar, Phulpur, Mathura, Agra, Vrindaban, Ghaziabad, Jhansi, Moradabad, Kanpur, Etmadpur, Rampur, Aligarh of this state are engaged in pottery making. There are about 550 to 600 units in this State engaged in this industry.

    Bengal, Delhi, Jaipur, Kangra in Himachal Pradesh, Kutch and Saurashtra in Gujarat, Khanapur in Belgaum district of Karnataka, Karukurichi in Tirunelveli district are the places where we find a special type of pottery.

    Both the Telugu States are also making some pottery as a small scale industry and we will find the people making these items in many places of villages in both the States.

    As the day temperatures are increasing now everybody will start looking for earthen pots for making water cool naturally.

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