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    The importance of maintaining a register

    "Roll number 21", "Present Sir". "Oh! You are present today". "What were you doing for the last three days"? "Sir, I was seriously ill, couldn't even get out of my bed". "Ok, so where is the letter"? "I require the letter signed by your guardian". "Sir, I will bring it tomorrow". "Ok, sit down but do not forget it tomorrow". This is a familiar situation of our school days. If the student was seriously ill he can easily produce the letter stating the reason for absence with a signature of the guardian the next day. Now, anybody can imagine what is going to happen the next day in the very first period/class if the reason for absence was completely different. This is the importance of maintaining an attendance register. You have the previous record of activities of the student in front of you.

    It is also useful for certain people. Now if you forget the way of doing certain things, you can keep a register with you containing the ways you followed to do that task on previous occasions. Another important use is for those who are habitual liars. If you do not maintain a register of excuses you have provided for a particular thing on yesterday as well as the day before yesterday, you can be in trouble today.
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    Staff: Sir, my grandmother expired today. I want two days leave.
    Manager: Granted.
    (After six months)
    Staff: Sir my grandmother expired today. I want some leave.
    (The Manager looked at his dossier)
    Manager: Mr. X, How many times will your grandmother die in her life? When will she die next?
    Staff: Sorry sir, she really died today.

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    I think that register is the most important thing in any place and in any process. It is a historical record and can be used for checking the actual thing at any time in the past. Today register is being replaced by online records for ease of maintenance. So whether it is manual or online it is a necessity and very useful for keeping the system in track.
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    Maintaining a register with all the information related to the work is very important.
    When we do certain Research and Development activity, we should record all the experiments we have done, the way we have done and the results we obtained in a register so that we can review the progress and we need not redo all the works we have carried out again in case of any problem.

    We should have a record of our domestic expenses also. Every month we should see the expenses and where we are wasting can be analysed and that can be controlled. Otherwise, we never know how much money we are wasting without our knowledge.

    Another issue where we need a register is things to do. These days all of us are having multiple works and some times in a hurry we may forget certain works. So always keeping a small notebook in the pocket and recording the works to be carried out and reviewing the register once in a while is very important. Whenever we complete a work we can cut off that point from the register and if any new works are coming they can be added to the list.

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