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    Mahashivratri - Your chance to avail the benefit of upsurge of energy

    India is a country of celebration. Indians are always looking for the reasons to celebrate so there are 'n' number of festivals in India though Shivratri, is the darkest day of a month but has a great significance. In yogic tradition, this day is considered as an important day for the growth of spirituality. It is a day devoted to lord Shiva, also known as Adi Yogi or the first yogi who delivered the science of yoga to his seven disciples. As per Hindu calendar, Shivratri comes a day before new moon of each month so in total, there are twelve shivratris in a year but 'Mahashivratri' has different significance among all the twelve shivratris. 'Mahashivratri', is the one that occurs in February-March. It is a night-long celebration. On this day, the position of northern hemisphere is such that the energy or centrifugal force of earth begins to move upwards due to which a natural upsurge of energy in a human being take place. That is why in yogic tradition, it is being advised not to sit, lie or sleep with their spine bent. To avail the benefit of this upsurge of energy one should stay awake whole night keeping his back straight. It is a night to experience a new dimension of life and to feel this one should stay awake whole night by sitting in a meditative posture or at least sit comfortably keeping your spine erect and straight.
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    Very informative post by the author. Yes, Mahashivratri is a unique festival in many senses. It can be seen on this day that people line up for their turn to give milk and flowers to the Lord Shiva who has a special place among the Hindu Gods.

    Mythologically and traditionally, worshipping Shiva has its own merits which the devotees realise and follow.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Very nice information about Shivaratri and the importance of not sleeping the whole night on this day is very well narrated and it is very useful information. For all the festival there will be a reason behind. But unfortunately, we may not be able to explain that scientifically and many people don't believe.
    Thanks to the author for the good information,

    always confident

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    I have never been to such a depth of understanding for this day & therefore I thanks the author for this great information that the same is attached with the experience as well. Our culture has been the most logical & scientific when followed with consciousness but the time we have attached these practices with the religion then whole nuisances begun to emerge included with unimaginable stories with the involvement of the fantasies & magic which still can't be considered logically.

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