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    India's new digital gig economy!

    India's traditional workforce has been largely dependent on full-time employment. With the ushering of the digital age, the job landscape has gradually changed and there is a growing presence of 'gig economy' which is using employees on a short term basis.

    Gone are the days wherein it was mandatory to physically visit a market, restaurant or a shop to buy a commodity. Now, with just a few clicks on an app we get a range of stuff delivered to our doorstep. Be it food (swiggy), groceries (big basket), home items, clothing etc (flipkart), transport (ola,uber) and even petrol (mypetrolpump) all delivered/ accessible for a nominal price.

    This involves behind the scene logistics wherein a workforce delivers the commodity from the supplier to the end user. With the way our cities are growing, overcrowding, traffic congestion and lack of time often tempt us to use these app-based deliveries, especially during working days. The future looks that the app-based gig economy is set to stay here and grow further.

    This, of course, eats into the existing traditional jobs. Can we discuss the pros and cons of this new found gig economy?
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    It's true that nowadays many people are finding short time employment in various fields and it is on the rise. With technological advancement, the scenario has changed completely and we are more dependent on technology. Now, this situation affected the job scenario as well as our way of living.

    The changes that are found in the job scenario:

    1. Job opportunities in various fields are created because along with the development new fields are coming up at regular intervals.
    2. Professionals have to keep themselves updated all the time, if they are unable to update themselves there is a high chance of losing the job.
    3. One has to be multitasking to handle many responsibilities, those who are not are unable to progress like their counterparts. This has increased work pressure also.
    4. Simultaneously one can earn from different sources rather than spending the whole day in office and doing a particular type of job.

    The changes that are visible in our way of living:

    1. People are becoming too dependent on technology and are becoming lazy day by day.
    2. There is a decline in social interactions which is adversely affecting people, a rise in depression is one such outcome.
    3. People have more money now which has increased their ability to purchase more. This resulted in an increase in greed among many.


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    Some these jobs that you mention are the ones that pay horribly. And further job experience in these jobs don't count. Because delivery jobs. They definitely are helpful as part-time jobs that can help you out while studying.
    All these jobs involve visiting different places and clients, so physical and psychological stress is there.
    But some of these jobs, such as the one in Uber and Swiggy are more often contract and commission based. Which means you will get as much as you contribute. This is a good thing. Instead of a fixed amount per year we can customise what we earn.
    Seeing these points I don't think our future will be based on these jobs.

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    Once the app is developed people can use it and do anything and everything from the place he is sitting without moving anywhere. But technology development is required and the developed technology to be absorbed. In this situation, I see no threat to jobs in the technical field.

    Similarly, there will not be any problem for jobs in the manufacturing sector also. Only after production, one can buy either online or by going to the shop. These days the purchasing capacity of the people is increasing. It will increase chances for increasing the production and hence the chances for jobs in this sector will increase.

    The expenses for the seller may come down as the infrastructure and overheads will come down. Presently the jobs in the service sector also increasing because of this home delivery process. But there is a chance there will be a problem in the retail market and jobs there may reduce. The jobs will increase in the delivery activities but jobs in shops will come down. Overall, the effect will be zero.

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    If the new technologies & the ad hoc processes continue to keep us into a comfort zone in terms of physical efforts being made as well as in context to profitable businesses in terms of savings than these online businesses will continue to grow with more consistent speed in the coming times as well. Considering the existing trend, we are into cut-throat competition with the margin on the products are getting lesser along with the easily available alternatives in reference to the goods & services & the same can also be found listing on the internet of the official sites of different companies. So in these scenario, the only solutions that the companies are left with is to improve the services but if continuing with the traditional ways than this would be a big drawback on the Firm's end giving a its competitors a massive advantage for capturing with more market share.

    We need to know here that adopting & going ahead with latest of the technologies are the need of the hour & this is applicable for each of us including to that of the biggest of the organizations & there can't be any exceptions here or else we bound to get replaced anytime.

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    The digital revolution has brought a paradigm shift in our ways and more changes are on the anvil.

    People have everything at their finger taps and one smart device is able to do everything which a few decades ago good desktop computers could not do.

    The jobs will also be redefined in this scenario and old jobs will vanish to pave ways for the new jobs.

    There is a structural shift in this as new jobs are more demanding in the sense that they ask for punctuality and timely delivery of service and I do not know whether our new generations are properly geared up to take that load.

    White-collar and Govt jobs are now a thing of past and new jobs are difficult as well as not of liking of many of our young people.

    So, difficult times are ahead and it is not possible to conjecture at this moment about the job situation in future.

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    There are many countries who are well advanced in online governance and other online activities. They are smaller countries with less population density. Even the bigger sized are having a lower population density except China.

    So, they are not having the job crunch as we are experiencing. This digital wave is going to bring phenomenal changes in our country also but basic issues of job and livelihood are still at their original places.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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