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    How do we control this anger in society?

    One Mr. H Raja, supposed to be holding some big position in the BJP, is the most hated politician in Tamil Nadu. His anger is absolutely ridiculous. He talks a lot of rubbish.

    His anger against atrocities done to Hindus in Tamil Nadu will never hold water. His angry interviews in so many forums and his public speeches are subjects of ridicule. He is one politician that the BJP needs to ask to just shut up.

    He is not alone. We find so much anger and hatred in the speeches of political leaders. One very corrupt leader who actually belongs to a very corrupt family, in Tamil Nadu, is the opposite. He keeps on smiling and does seem to have capitalized on the frustration of people, who look for someone who can do something. This is dangerous too, as this person holds the bulk of the black money swindled from various quarters.

    Inequalities of course breed anger. Yet, we do not have an answer to the anger that is there in society. Water and the lack of it are often one of the main problems in India.

    Members may highlight some positive initiatives in this regard. At least we will be happy that there are some politicians who can make some difference.
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    In India, people will forget anything shortly. Same is the case with their anger also. Their anger will live for a short while only. So if one can withstand that short time they themselves will get diverted. This is what makes our politicians behave as they like. So I think we should have the patience to wait for a while to control the anger of the society and nothing more than that is required.
    That is how society is getting deceived by politicians. When there is a serious problem in society these politicians will wait a while and then divert the attention of the people to some other issue and see that the people will forget the problem.
    Even today there are good politicians who never involve themselves in corrupt practices. we know people like Advani, Sushma Swaraj, Modi whose names were never seen in the list of corrupt politicians. But such politicians very few. As long as the corrupt politicians are there in society, the problems of society will never get corrected.

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    We must resist our anger because it sometimes complicates the situation. Anger takes away peace of mind and the angry person loses respect from people. Anger destroys you just as flames destroy woods.
    Whatever be the reason, we should always try to be patient while we talk to the people. The way you talk defines your personality. If you are humble enough to talk and listen to people, everyone will follow you but if you are arrogant and behave angrily you not only lose self-respect but also your followers. People hate you if you disrespect them. Leaders are representatives and they have to listen to the people and act swiftly.

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    Anger is the manifestation of irritation, impatience and frustration in a person. It is a bad trait but for those who possess it, they can not get rid of it.

    People do all sort of mistakes and blunders when they are in angry mood. It harms the person himself rather than the audience.

    Anger does not help us in any way. It, in fact, increases our stress level and is very detrimental to overall health.

    Showing anger in public places is something which people should avoid as sometimes it may lead to unnecessary quarrels and fights. It also degrades the reputation of the person.

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    Some people including some of the politicians have this style of talking and some people get impressed by their so called offending style.

    Though it is not a good trait but they sometimes raise a good crowd due to this style.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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