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    Stockholm syndrome:- is love really blind?

    Having the chance to learn one's affection is one of the most beautiful feelings of this world. But even there are boundaries where even if the feelings you have for a person may classify as love to you but they are not. One such case is the Stockholm syndrome. It is a syndrome under which a person starts to feel affection towards their kidnapper. It is a survival strategy as said by psychologists. But even after their rescue, these victims seemed to be obsessed with their captor.

    It is said that love is blind but do you think love in a case like above valid? Or is in the benefits of the persons involved? What are your thoughts on this?
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    Ha ha ha, that's why love is blind. Anyone can fall in love with anyone. There may be some psychological reasons behind this unusual affection that a person has towards the captor, but that is affection only. Whenever there is a feeling of affection the feel-good factor is there, if this affection is fake then, in reality, there will be no feeling towards the captor and then we can say it's just for show to gain certain advantages.

    But as long as the affection is there, it's good. Let this feeling of love flourish, after all, all's fair in love and war.


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    Stockholm syndrome occurs when a person is held, hostage and is abused all the time. The person becomes so used to this behaviour that, with the time, the victim begins to identify the kidnapper as a friend rather than an enemy.

    The abused person begins to have positive feelings toward the criminal and considers the police, friends and family as their enemies.

    I have seen a Bollywood movie " Hero" in which the heroine Meenakshi Sheshadri falls in love with the kidnapper Jakie Shroff. She becomes so inclined to him that she doesn't want to go back to her home and hides along with the kidnapper in the movie. And when they are caught in the movie she tries to elope from her home.

    But that's all about the movie I hardly think that it may happen in the real life, still there are all sort of people in the people and we know that love is blind.


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    Don't you see a trend in fairy tales where the female lead often dream of a Prince who would rescue her from somewhere and take her away. That is not kidnapping but the idea of being taken away by a stranger has been a fantasy in children since a young age. And Stockholm syndrome can be seen in both genders. Stockholm syndrome is not yet understood well and with only a handful a cases it is not easy to land on conclusions yet. It is not just loving your kidnapper. It begins with understanding and sympathizing. Which means it is not blind love after all. The kidnapped or the arrested have a very good reason for loving. We are still not sure to put Stockholm syndrome under mental disorder.
    I mean, you don't get kidnapped and love the kidnapper often. And when a behavior isn't displayed often it is not a disease. I think Stockholm syndrome is just a result of individual's empathy towards something that looks hostile and inhuman to us. We don't understand it yet.

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    We don't know why and how love develops. When we see people we feel like to be friendly with them we don't know, why?
    That is why it is told Love is Blind.
    But as far as Stockholm syndrome, I feel it will start with a fear initially. But as the kidnapper start treating them victim properly so that the kidnapped person will never resist and try to run away, slowly that fear may go and a kind of affection may develop. Kampusch was kidnapped by Wolfgang Priklopil. He held her for almost eight years. I understand she cried when she came to know that her kidnapper died.

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    Stockholm syndrome is to some extent different. It refers to the development of an emotional bond between the kidnapper and kidnapped while remaining confined in a closed space for a long time. It is not as simple as love between two persons from different background.
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    An eye opener topic! for the ones who tend to become blind in love | A person asking several times to oneself 'Why is he in love for no good reason ?' might get an answer now that he is prone to Stockholm syndrome. We grow watching movies that show love is great and so magical that one fails to understand ,it might just be an attraction. Beware! A person with selfish mind whom you love might take advantage of your feelings for his needs. Thus he resembles a kidnapper but the victim just thinks there is some good reason behind this.

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    It is said that love is blind and everything is correct in love and war.

    The post by author has highlighted a rare but unique phenomenon where the person starts to love it's own captor.

    This type of plots are generally good for movie making where the interaction of human sentiments are shown in different different circumstances.

    Sometimes, love is based on subtle feelings of affection and care but other times it could be the physical love based on purely the lust of people. So we must differentiate between the two as one is based on friendliness and companionship while other is generated due to the animal instinct in human beings.

    Human behaviour is the outcome of the inner feelings and will manifest accordingly.

    Knowledge is power.

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