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    What do you mean by the word 'story'?

    I read a saying in Bengali which I am sharing with you all after translating it in English. The saying is: It is easy to write a story based upon life, but hard to adorn life like a story.

    After reading the saying, a few points crossed my mind:

    First, stories can depict the life of any person is undoubtedly possible.

    Second, The last part of the saying says that it is tough to decorate life like a story which is quite confusing. It is so because whenever we see something beautiful or all of a sudden something good happens, immediately we conclude it by mentioning that it seems like a story. Does that mean we always consider stories to be joyful and colourful? Is it a reality? There are stories written about the lives of troubled people, and that cannot be a pleasure to read.

    Now suppose we consider the stories to be gorgeous, then yes, it is impossible for most of the people to ornate their lives in a glorious way as written in the saying because the reality is far away from a story. On the other hand, there are numerous stories which are tragic and painful, should we decorate our lives with literary tragedies?

    It is confusing that what the word 'story' reflects actually. Kindly share your thought.
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    Story is the narration of the parts of our lives made in such a way that the reader enjoys it. The style and presentation make the story wothy of reading and depending upon ts literary quality and impression upon the reader, it is being appreciated.

    So story may not be completely a copy of the life incidents but it tries to present it in a lucid and effective manner and there is no one to one correspondence between the two.

    We can learn lessons from a story. We need not to replicate it as it is.

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    A story is nothing but an imagination or real events that are for fun or entertainment or thought. It could be serious, funny, meaningful, meaningless, thoughtful, though provoking and thoughtless.
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    A good story should be able to captivate you from the get go to the climax. It must be very interesting to go through. But often our lives are uninteresting and 25% we just spend sleeping. We must make our lives in such a way that the interest is always there.
    That is what we find as common among stories of different genre. We find them interesting and appealing to read. Make your life such appealing one too.

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    The ending of a story can be as per the liking or imagination of the writer. He can write the story in such a way that the readers will appreciate his skills and try to read more and more stories from him.
    When something happens in our life which may be a good event or an unwanted event which we never expected, we will say it will be like a story.
    But the real-life ending is not in our hands. We can't finetune the events that are happening in our life. Of course, we will plan and act as per our desires and for achieving our goals. Even then we are never sure that the end will be like what we thought.
    We should make our lives in such a way that we will have all the happiness in our life. Sometimes we may face some difficulties but we should not get worried about this and go forward doing our duties. Then we will have a better satisfaction.

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    Story can be imaginary or real but the way it is written is what matters.

    A good story can impress us with its flow and captivating matter. There are stories which if you start reading you will always be curious to know the end.

    Worldwide it is a source of amusement and pass time to read stories.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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