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    Why do some people work so shabbily in their work places?

    During my experience for getting some personal or official work in various organisations, offices, companies and institutions, I have observed that some people work in a very disorderly manner and do things haphazardly and due to that have to redo it many times only to waste their energy and time.

    Every job needs a bit of planning, however little it might be.

    The approach of attending a job with carelessness and haste generally creates a lot of problems not only for the customer but also for the official who always stumbles for records and follow up of the job.

    Have you also experienced such things? What do you think about this?
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    When somebody does work without much attention on the work and when they work as if it is to be completed as a regular routine without interest in the work, they never bother about other issues. Somehow they have to complete and forget that job. In such cases, people will work in a very disorderly manner and haphazardly. This is mainly due to lack of interest and commitment. Once we have some interest in the work we have to do, we will plan it properly and execute the work in a planned way. We will focus on the work and hence we will never work in a very disorderly manner and haphazardly.
    There is a saying in Telugu which means that a miser will have more expenses and a lazy fellow will have to do more work. Because of Laziness sometimes we will not keep a proper record of what we have done. After some period if we want to see what we did, we will not have any record and we may have to do the same work again. So a good record keeping is also very important.

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    It is not that everyone is careless and lazy. There are people who work methodically and properly and try to achieve perfection in every work.

    It is true that if we do not do our work properly then later we ourselves will be in problem.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Laziness at the workplace can be due to two factors: 1) A person may not be interested in the job and 2) he may be feigned and working irresponsibly. But whatever be the case, it the responsibility of an employer to work honestly and responsibly. Showing irresponsible culture at the workplace is highly against working ethics because you are paid only for your work by the company.

    If anyone is showing irresponsible and lazy attitude at the working place, we should change it in the first place. Or if a person is not interested in the job, it is better to leave it and have peace of mind if you feel it boring.
    Work is sacred when we do it with honesty and sincerity otherwise we are showing a double-faced approach which must be avoided at all cost.

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