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    How do we get to the bottom of the truth as far as jobs are concerned?

    Even the most experienced economists have gone on record that we have had jobless growth in the past four and odd years. The emphasis has always been on what we know as casual and contract jobs. No one can deny this. Even the most die-hard supporters of BJP will agree that this is the true state of affairs.

    And the Government goes on the defense, very shrewdly talking about the PF and ESI figures. Well, one can quickly ask: what about your own NEEM scheme, Mr. Modi?

    After all, it is your own Government that has made this scheme sort of compulsory in every manufacturing enterprise. Does the Government think that mere training will lead to employment?

    Even after three years of NEEM, without ESI or PF, the poor guy would go to another company and still not be employed. Do we have a law that says that these guys should be absorbed in regular jobs?

    Memers who have credible statistics with them, may please respond with all the evidence. Meanwhile. the jobs are just not there. And this is a big source of worry.
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    The students with the degree of BA, B.Com, B.Sc does not possess any skill sets and their employability is very poor. Every organization look for experienced candidates. In such a case from where these candidates gain experience. Keeping this difficulties in view the present Government under the leadership of Shri. Narendra Modi envisaged the National Employability Enhancement Mission [NEEM] Scheme. The students with Non-technical branches are eligible to undergo the Apprenticeship Training under the NEEM Scheme. During the training the students gain experience in the relevant area and thereby their employability increases.
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    I don't know how averse the author is to NEEM. He has raised many threads on the same subject. My opinion is that you need not to worry so much about that. It is always better to have one eye at least than going completely blind. Indian Universities and Educational institutions are giving degrees but they are not teaching any skills which are useful to get a good job. I tell again and again that there are jobs for which we are not able to get suitable persons who are having the required skills. To bridge this gap only this NEEM is introduced. We know apprenticeship after ITI or Diploma. This is also something similar to that only. Once they get a job in the NEEM scheme their value will increase and they can look for a good job and switch over.
    I say these days earning ways for the people are increased. In fact, I am seeing that getting good people for a job is becoming difficult.

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    With the growing population, the number candidates interested for the graduation degree has multiplied many fold if we compute the number of students passing the same course way back in 1970. However, those were the days when advertisement in the public sectors were displayed offering the chance of science - graduates for graduate trainees to be absorbed in operational plants where they could be obsebed as supervisors.
    Still there was promising options of the graduates having secured marks beyond 60 percent irrespective of the streams as officers trainees where the prospective candidates could be absorbed in different departments of the industries depending their streams such as Purchase, Stores, Personnels and other operational wings.
    Of course, those days profit was not the sole criteria of running a public undertaking, but employment of youths was the prime task. With the progress of time, priority has shifted and the profit is being considered as the main objective resulting in drop in employment from 1990 onwards due to priority changes and still this trend continues.
    NEEM would do better if this organisation could provide training to a large number of youths to enhance their employability in the different sectors and even Goverment has planning to look after the welfare of the unemployed youths.

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    Statistical data is a tricky thing and until unless we have a online national registry of the status of the people we can not rely on the data in the internet.

    If we are seriously interested to know what is the status of employment in our country then some crucial data is required.

    Every year a large number of students are entering the unemployed status as soon as they complete their education. Let us say this number is E. There are already some unemployed people in our country at the beginning of the year say it is F. Now let us assume that out of E+F only a few (say G) get the job in that particular year so at the end of that year we have E+F-G left as unemployed.

    At the same time we must have a data of total number of people employed during that year in private and Govt or self business as a person doing a small business is also an employed person.

    Now every year a large number of work force is retiring from their active service and they have either some self contributory pension or other pension and we should not consider them as unemployed as they have some funds and from the interest on those funds they will get their livelihood and to that matter they should be considered as employed.

    The new born as well as those who are still pursuing their education are also not to be counted as unemployed as their parents are feeding them.

    So do we have all these statistics with us, if not than any claim whatsoever towards the employment data has no meaning.

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