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    How do you see this whole picture in a broader perspective?

    It is said that you can do much better in the areas & in the fields wherein you are found to be more interested & is not forced for. We can have may live instances from the real lives & Bill Gates & Sachin Tendulkar along with Mahendra Singh Dhoni are one of them. There could be any more examples wherein the MBA graduates from the top management institutes are trying their hands on the acting or even in the Cricket commentaries & have been quite successful with no stress because it's there interest & hobbies that they are engaged with & while on the other hand those who are forced to join with something against to their interest & wishes may get end-up with unexpected outcomes which may be hugely disappointing.
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    Yes. We will all excel in education or career if we really like the stream we are studying or the area we are working in. This is mainly due to the fact that because of interest in that particular line we will try to learn more and more and excel in that line. In the same when we like our profession we will concentrate nicely on the job we are doing and we will do the work with an utmost focus on the job. Hence the end result will be definitely better.
    That is why elders always say that ask the interest of the kid rather than forcing our interest on them. If we understand their interest and if we feel his thoughts are not ok, we should be able to convince them, with our logic and with highlighting the points of importance. Then the interest may change. If still, they insist on their choice we should go with them.

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    Carrier choice and Carriers are an important part of life which should be chosen carefully and never force your children to opt for a particular field as it is directly related to their employment after the completion of their studies.

    Choosing hobbies as a profession can be the best choice for a person to continue and earn satisfaction. Hobbies can be a driving force for individuals to pursue carriers as successful entrepreneurs. This is something we enjoy doing and none would force you to stop doing what you like to do. So we should encourage our children to pursue their interests without thrusting your opinion on children.

    However, if we force our children for a particular field, the consequences will be disappointing not only for children on whom we thrusted our opinion but also for the parents who forced them to choose what they felt uninteresting.

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    I also think that interest and liking are the primary requisites for a person to work hard in a particular area.

    Forcing a person for something he does not relish is always going to bring adverse reactions.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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