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    Which is the correct way to announce train arrivals and why?

    Whenever I go to a railway station, I hear the announcement of the arrival and departure of trains. And at times, I used to wonder the announcement made. One such announcement is as below:

    1. ABCD Express will arrive on platform number one shortly.
    2. ABCD Express will arrive to platform number one shortly.
    3. ABCD Express will arrive at platform number one shortly.

    In the above announcements, before the word platform, the prepositions on, to and at have been used by different announcers of different stations. Which one is 100% correct?
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    As per the practice of hearing these announcements, I have mostly heard as train is arriving on plateform number such and such. I think 'on' is the correct one.
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    As the respective train is still in transit & therefore any of the given options or choices would fit for the scenario but could vary in understanding depending upon the perceptions of an individual.

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    Mostly in this case 'on' and 'at' are used interchangeably. So different people are habituated with different propositions to use in these situations.

    Some students of English medium and IB schools might be using these prepositions correctly as they are taught these uses in details but the students of ordinary schools might not bother for the correct usages.

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    I think we can use either On or At in this case. But I heard many times On only. But rarely some announcers are using At also. But I never heard using To. Grammatically which is correct I don't know.
    But some experts in English may throw some light on this subject. It will be useful and good learning to other members of ISC.

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    The train runs on the track and passes by the platform. The platform is where people wait to board the train. People stand on the platform.

    Though we heard all of the above announcements while waiting for a train on the platform, I think the proper one should be the ABCD Express will arrive at platform number one shortly.


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    Generally, platform means a highly raised structure for the convenience of the personnel using it. In a railway station or bus station, it is the place for the passengers to board and alight without any difficulty. The train moves on its track and it comes near the platform. The trains don't come over/above the platform. Only the passengers stand on the platforms.
    So it is inappropriate to say "ABCD Express will arrive on platform number one shortly." It would be appropriate to say "ABCD Express will arrive at (at) platform number one shortly."
    @ Sankalan has made it clear.

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    True, using at would be appropriate but when announcement goes like "ABC train will arrive on platform 1 at 12.25 am" can be used. Arrive is mostly backed by "at". So the train will arrive at platform 1 is a right answer.
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