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    What is happening to me ?

    Since about one week I do not feel like reacting to the threads in this forum and also posting any new thread. Article section also is kept away from my search.
    Of course, I was busy to a certain extent. But in addition to that something seemed to be blocking my thought. It is very hot here these days, that change in climate forces me to relax more. Of course, in the morning and in the evening I attend to the vegetable cultivation activities. Not getting interest in doing anything else.
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    People who have hobbies generally have a happy retired life. You might be having a handful of activities and writing in ISC might be one of them.

    Sometimes it so happens that you focus in one of the activities and other activity does not get due time and concern for it.

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    This is evident that you are more interested in other activities than ISC. Despite any other busy schedule or activities, sparing a few minutes to look at ISC every day before retiring to bed is not a hard job to perform, and is always possible, especially for old retired members like you. Where there is a will, there is always a way. ISC members always feel the absence of a regular member. Please try and post one thread and one response each day.
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    Exactly the same thing is happening with me. I no longer feel remotely interested to contribute to this platform nowadays.
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    Change is the nature of life. Everyone wants a change. Those who are fed up with facebook and Google+ or whatsapp are coming to ISC.

    At the same time some of us who have been here for quite some time want to withdraw and just relax or go to other sites.

    So, this is a natural outburst of monotony and I am sure some of us who are having these withdrawal symptoms may strike again here in future with full and renewed vigour.

    Presently, I am active in some other sites also but not as active as here. In fact my first article has recently published in a reputed site which I will detail in a separate thread to earn the goodwill and blessings of the members here.

    In my opinion one should work partially in 2-3 sites and change the mood by switching from one to other.

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    It happens. We may be losing interest and feel like retiring from all the activities some times. That too we feel exhausted very fast in summer. We feel a little weak also during summer. For the people who stay in the coastal area, sweating will be more and it makes persons exhausted. I also feel sometimes like that. I will do the works which are very interesting to me and try not to attempt many other works.
    Another issue is we will be losing interest in some works due to some other works to be carried out which are more interesting to us. We require some change in between.
    These days I am practising writing Telugu poems as per the Telugu Chandassu. I am getting up early in the morning and sitting 1 or 2 hours on this.

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    The same thing is happening to me these days. A few days back i was very much active here and used to respond to each and every thread but these days I hardly read any thread or start a thread. Maybe due to some tensions in my personal life and work pressure at the workplace makes me so much busy that I hardly get time to be here on ISC.

    I wish I may be able to resolve both the issues and devote more time here on this site.


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    The responses to my thread are giving some encouragement to me and might help to attend to this site in a better manner. On analysing I feel that two issues influenced me recently. One, I am at present doing more physical works, perhaps forgetting my age. This forces me to take rest earlier.
    Another issue, I feel, was a family related problem. My sister- in- law (my elder brother's wife) came here in connection with a treatment. More than twenty years back my brother had died due to Parkinson's disease. Afterwards she have been living with her children. What we found was that she could not recollect anything. Also she was not happy with her present living conditions with her children ( mainly because of the attitudes of daughters - in - law.). Now she has just gone to US with her elder son, who is at present working there. Thus the physical and mental problems forces me to sit quiet.


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    Sir, this happens to all of us. As you have already mentioned in your response @ #660160, the problems are both physical and mental. Temperature and humidity play a crucial role here and if the weather is very hot it hampers our productivity. Take a few days rest. If possible, go on a short trip.

    After returning, write a nice article on the trip that you have enjoyed. You can also visit various other sections in ISC and post there. You need a little break, a way out to relax physically and mentally. I hope that will work for you.


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    Sir, you have mentioned that you have overworked and some strain. From what I notice is when there are visitors or relatives coming down for more than a few days and the occasion is something concerning health, finance etc, this disturbs the home dynamics and the atmosphere.

    Sometimes doing nothing is also a way of unwinding or unloading the excess negative energy and a way of overcoming exhaustion. Just reading , solitary walks, reflections, a visit to a temple etc helps, a few days, things become normal.
    A couple of good books I found full of meaning yet with such simple language are
    How to stop worrying and start living by Dale Carnegie.
    Tuesdays with Morrie (an old man, an young man and life's greatest lesson) by Mitch Albom

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