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    Sorry, I am not supposed to tell you this.

    We are well known to this statement by the WC Abhinandan in response to & during the time he was interrogated by the Pakistani securities. In a recorded statement he was seen queried about,
    1. Where exactly are you from in India?
    2. Which aircraft you fly?
    3. What was your mission?

    Although the WC Abhinandan objected to the queries but far from that location & in India, few of the media houses were busy in finding the answers & even the media came out with some more clarifications on his personal backgrounds & his motive behind attacking the F-16 plane. This is in a bit briefing of about today's irony of our horrible media and immature social media users.

    Are we showing ourselves as a professional or blindly addicted to & following-up with the cheap practices because we simply can't think above our level?
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    TV channels are only bothered for the TRP of their channel and for that they can go to any extent. It is a business opportunity for them. They want to spice up as much as possible and in doing that sometimes resort to cheap tactics. We should boycott such irresponsible channels.
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    Yes, I saw the interrogations Pakistan did with Abhinandan. For many of the questions, he said I am not supposed to tell this but our media showed and tell what he didn't tell in the interrogations. This is sad as just for the sake of TRP our media forget the ethics. I was surprised why they were not disallowed or why anyone didn't object on this. There should be some rules set for them too.

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    That is the condition of our media and social media. They give more advertisement to the issues which are supposed to be kept secret. Important issues which they can easily telecast will be ignored.
    Recently I heard that our great space Scientist Prof. U R Rao died. I don't know whether it is correct or not. No TV channel has given any importance to this news. Only I have seen in some WhatsApp messages on this.
    Our great journalists enquire and give all the information required to our enemies in their channels. The other countries can easily get this information which was not told by Wing Commander Abhinandan by seeing our TV channels.
    This is the attitude of our media. They are overactive and want to make every news as breaking news and increase their ratings. Even the country's security is not important for them.

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    Why are they trying to apply their smudge on our hero? Abhinandan's stoicnesss in the face of danger is what made him a hero to Indians but media is trying to blemish his image through their own theories and perception.
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    I would like to request the author first to properly address the officer of the IAF. It has to be Wing Commander Abhinandan or Wg Cdr Abhinandan and not WC as mentioned here.

    It is essential to act sensibly in these matters which was discussed in this thread just the other day. The one thing that is missing here is the sense of responsibility among the media as well as the citizen. Everybody must have an idea about what to share and what not to. If there is any deviation, strict action must be taken against those persons responsible for circulating vital information. We are discussing here this very important issue but I have never heard whether the government has taken any corrective measures to control media who circulated this information.


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    Media is doing things for their popularity and they are not bothered for the twisting of things for this cheap popularity. I have heard them shouting that they will today tell a surprise which no channel had shown so far. With a lot of background they will then tell some non sense things.

    It is a pity that media is behaving in such an irresponsible way and even forgetting the sensitive and important matter which should not be disclosed in the public.

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    Indeed, our media should feel ashamed of their act of publishing the fact that was not disclosed by our sincere warrior citizen of India while in captivity. Our media should hang their head down in shame and ask an apology from the public of India for their immoral action of trying to find the fact and publish it. By this, our media should have learned a lesson and should not be repeated in the future.

    @Very bad media of India. Sudharo.

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    Few came out with the opinion that the government should have shown with some restraint for the media but then don't you feel that issues would have been raised in context to freedom of speech or in the name of constitutional rights or with some other basis. In the meantime the main opposition party, the Congress party is unstoppable in asking for the proofs of strikes with the numbers of causalities in that & the same is very well appreciated in the Pakistani channels.

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    We have our own enemies in our own land not knowing that they are indirectly favouring our enemies. Politicians and their politics and policies should be within our country. We find politicians of our land seeking the help of our enemy countries to win elections. What can be more pitier than this affair!
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    The media houses (except Republic and TimesNow, as far as I know) did this intentionally to make the matter complex/complicated for the present Government to secure the release of the Wing Commander from the custody of Pakistani jackals, to help the opposition parties and to improve their TRP ratings.

    When the political leaders from opposition camp don't bother about the country's prestige and welfare in this trying time, can we expect the sense of responsibility from the journalists and reporters of private media who have sold their soul to the anti-national forces?

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    News channels have one most important mission which is getting attention of public and increase TRP by hypnotising the audience towards their news channel throughout the day. Though we speak about right of information and freedom of speech ,do we ever share our personal and sensitive information like banking passwords? Similarly or more important is to secure sensitive information of nation.

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