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    Injustice made by NRI husbands to their Indian wives.

    The number of NRI husbands deserting their Indian wife is increasing and it is an alarming trend.

    It seems that some of the NRIs marry in India and later desert the girls on one plea or other. The gullible girl and her parents are the victims of this injustice as the marriage is not registered in India as there is no such provision and then the husband is scot free from any responsibility.

    Today we are talking of women empowerment and gender equality but these types of heinous social crimes are being done by some of the NRI husbands. These problems are more in the state of Punjab, Gujarat and Kerala. Are women a toy for playing of men?

    Are members aware of these atrocities on the women? How can this problem be addressed?
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    I agree with the author. Many of our girls are suffering from this. I feel it is better to enquire as exhaustively as possible about the person before getting married. It is better not to marry forever instead of marrying a crook like this. Nowadays the incidents are increasing. That is why it is good for boys as well as girls to select their partner from a known family rather than going for a completely unknown family.
    I heard one or two cases the other way round also. In those incidents, the girls deceived the boys and came back to India without telling the husband with a lot of jewellery and money. As the girl was having a love affair but she wanted more money to live a happy life with her lover married an NRI. Went with him and stayed with him for 3 months and came back to India.
    In such cases the Proverb Known Devil is better than unknown ghost will stand good.

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    This is really an alarming trend and those looking for NRI husbands must think twice before making the final decision. What I am surprised at is the NRIs marry in India but the marriage is not registered. Then why we are calling this a marriage if it is not registered under the proper acts? When it is a marriage, it has to be legal and there must be provisions for proper maintenance in case of divorce on certain grounds.

    It is true we are talking about the empowerment of women and equality and it is indeed a necessity. But are we somehow running only after money and good life? I think there is a conception among most of us that if somehow we can go outside the country we can earn a lot and lead a good life. I feel the time has come to change this notion.


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    Greed is a bad thing and sometimes it has devastating results. Some of the people in our country are much fascinated with the NRI grooms and without a thorough enquiry about their credentials give the hand of their daughter to them. There are many girls for whom parents are not getting good grooms and they are compromising on various fronts.

    We talk of women empowerment and gender equality but society is not following it in its true spirit. Dowry deaths are still prevalent in our country. Deceiving women and molesting them is a routine complaint. A woman however big post she is holding can not go out in night alone as she is not safe. So, definitely their are social problems which are to be addressed at various levels for safeguarding of women. There should be severe punishment for the erring youngsters who are engaged in atrocities and cruelties on women.

    NRI are also taking advantage of poor and middle class family and marrying the innocent girls only to discard them after use. Some of the NRIs are already married in foreign lands and exercising vehement polygamy in global circles.

    Govt has no firm and fixed rules to deal with this problem and everything finishes with a complaint with National Commission for Women which only tells us that this year so far so many complaints are there. The legal system and framework is not ready to deal in these matters and nab the culprits.

    Where do we stand in the area of women empowerment? I think we have to do much efforts in this direction.

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    In my family, we tell a big NO to NRI grooms, may he be rich or poor living in any country with a high or low salary. There are enough brides and grooms in our country. The other name of NRIs is cheats who don't love their own country and unfit to survive in their homeland. How can we expect justice from these guys! They love money and luxury, not wife and family.
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