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    Liar should have a good memory.

    Lieing is not an uncommon thing. Many people lie time to time to circumvent the present situation or embarrassing queries.

    Though, lieing is considered as a clever and bad attribute in the society but sometimes it saves people from embarrassment and inconveniences of facing the other people and getting exposed.

    Though with time, these things are known to others that a person had lied but the lier gets an advantage temporarily.

    Sometimes the liar is caught at the spot because he can not answer all the questions properly. So, it is said that the liar should have a good memory and he should remember all earlier questions and should tell his explanations accordingly.

    What is your take on that?
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    It is better not to lie as far as possible. But these days we will find very rarely people who will never lie. No Satya Harischandras these days. Even the great Dharmaraja was forced to tell lie one or two lies by Lord Krishna himself. Slowly it is accepted that we can tell lies in some extraordinary conditions. Slowly we all started telling lies very easily and as a routine practice.

    As mentioned by the author, we should always remember what we have said. If we forget and tell something else after some time on the same issue we will be caught. If we say truth we need not have to remember what we have said.

    Sometimes in the same family, on the same issue, different people will tell different versions. Then the listeners will be puzzled to understand who is correct.

    always confident

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