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    The question is to blame or not to blame

    Many times we say that he is an unlucky fellow or a lucky chap. While carrying out different activities we use the term lucky or unlucky to ourselves also. Many will say that luck plays an important role. I am not disagreeing with them. When we are unsuccessful, we blame our luck also.

    Let me give an example to clarify this. A student becomes seriously ill during every examination and this continues till the board exams. In college also this trend continues and the student couldn't appear in one important interview because he fell ill at that time.

    Now, it's very natural for everybody to blame the luck of the student. We have neither seen Mr Luck nor talked to him, but when it comes to blaming we are good at blaming Mr Luck. If you are responsible for any problem, you will be definitely blamed and in certain cases actions will also be taken. In the case of luck, we cannot punish luck or take some action.

    If we think luck as a constant whose value we cannot determine, then let it be as it is since we are no one to decide its value. There is no point in blaming the luck, so, carry on whether you are lucky or not.
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    The interesting point is that Mr Luck has no physical presence. Neither Mr Luck thanks people for appreciation nor protests for flak. He remains neutral in either case, but the people who blame Luck for all the shortcomings in their lives instantly decides to visit astrologer.

    When people fail to change one's fortune through hard work, then the easy route is to tame luck with gems and stones on the advice of an astrologer. The weakness of general people is prosperity for an astrologer.

    Thus, blaming Luck is a spontaneous act, but Mr Luck is lucky not to feel the pain of the blame game.


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    It is a general tendency to blame our destiny when we fail utterly in our endeavours. That is, in psychology, called shifting of responsibility. We are shifting the onus to luck or destiny.

    At the same time if there is even a tinge of success in our work we want to get appreciation for our hard work and intelligence.

    This is human nature.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Understanding the complexities of luck and destiny is a deep philosophical matter and our ancestors as well as the other ancestors elsewhere in the world had done a lot of research in this matter and our epics and religious books are full of those descriptions.

    There are many theories about the existence of luck and it's manifestation but so far none could explain the things in totality.

    So, this area is open for research and investigation for the scholars and some of them are already on the way to explore this mysterious entity.

    There are difficult questions which laymen ask but even the scholars are not able to answer in this unknown area.

    So when something is unknown and not understood fully and still people take shelter in its shade then it is not a very logical and rational thing to do.

    Knowledge is power.

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    When there is a failure, people want to shift the responsibility to unknown things. They never analyse and understand their shortcomings. But they think that they have done everything correctly and God only has not cooperated. They also think that they are unlucky. The story will not end there. They will also refer to a person who is successful in the same aspect and will not give credit to his hard work. They will say he is lucky and God helped him. This is the general tendency of the people.
    To attain success in this world there is no replacement for hard work. But sometimes things will go beyond our control and even though we are prepared well we may not be able to attain the success. Then only we can talk about destiny and luck.

    These are all the beliefs of the people. Some people encash the weakness of these people and say you do this or you wear this or you follow this. I think one should not blindly believe such people and do whatever they advise

    always confident

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    That is why I like physics and mathematics. They consider luck into consideration while calculating. I am a chemical engineer and we usually design pipes with inner diameters more than required, in order to escape from pressure difference because of wear and corrosion of walls of the tube. There are certain precautions we can take to evade the factor of luck. Example, in order to safeguard the progress in your work, have the saved copy in atleast three different locations. The best precaution is caution I believe. There is nothing like being too cautious. By staying calm, alert and adapting we can overcome all the burden imposed by bad luck.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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