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    Why don't I receive revenue share bonus?

    The last time I received my revenue share is 2 years ago. I still continue to be active and keep posting articles and contents in school section, still I have not received any revenue share again. I doubt, is it because of my google adsense approval? or is it because not much reach for my contents to fetch revenue share bonus?
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    Revenue Share Bonus is an internal revenue sharing mechanism of ISC and has nothing to do with your Adsense account. There are hundreds of members who are significantly active in this portal in various sections. Every time you submit content, you earn some points. So, during a month you accumulate some points. The top 20 people as per the accumulated points get the Revenue Share Bonus.

    This is what I basically perceive about this. There could be some subtle points other than this which can please be clarified by the concerned editor.

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    For every activity, you earn some points for it and those points are accumulated in your account. On the basis of those points, your total points of the month are calculated. Top 20 members are eligible on the basis of the month's points for getting revenue shares.

    So you need to be in the top 20 members to get the revenue shares. Just being active here doesn't guarantee to get the revenue shares. Also there is no role of adsense in it.


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    Revenue Share Bonus will be given to members who got more points during the month. 20 top scorers will be given this RSB. Every month they calculate the points and decide who are the top 20 contributors and the money allocated for RSB will be distributed to them.

    Even though you are getting Google Adsense amount, you will get RSB if you are in the top 20. There is no relation between these two. So if you want to get RSB, you have to spend more time on this site and contribute more on all the sections of this site. Then there will be plenty of chances to be one in the top 20 and you will get RSB. All the best to you.

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    If your name features in the first 20 on the following page on the last day of the month, you will get RSB proportionately. Presently you are at the 36th spot. If you want to earn RSB, post more.

    Top performers in the last 30 days

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    I am sure, you will get your RSB, provided you score an average of 25 points per day which will make 750 points in a month. In the past, even if we earn 1000 points in a month, it was difficult to get into top 20 queues. But of late, members contributions have come down to win RSB with very low points.

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    RSB is the function of your activities in the different plateforms on a consistent basis and on an average, points - earnings should be more than 750 points so as to be included in the list of RSB. Attainment of such points should be a difficult task for any active members but still then there are other factors as well resulting in a low scoring of the points such as frequent visiting of guests and friends in the evening hours or there is some appointment with some of relatives. There exists the passion with this channel but the major hindrance is the lack of time from my side in achieving the monthly target for RSB. However, it offers me tremendous satisfaction by being one of members of this channel.

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    Thank you all for your clarifications. Now it gives me a better understanding on RSB. Now I wonder and glad that at least once in the past, my name appeared in the top 20 list. I try to contribute more valuable inputs and share my views in coming days.
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