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    Should there be an age of retirement for politicians also?

    Politicians are in some respect also like the Govt servants. They are supposed to take work from the Govt machinery in the interest of the country. They are also given the responsibility of making the rules and regulations for running the country.

    There is no retirement age for these people from the active service.

    In fact after a certain age a person should not be given such a responsible work as age has definitely effect on our health and mental faculties.

    In my opinion politicians should also get retired at an age of say 70 or 72 same as has been done for teachers and doctors in some places.

    This will give opportunities to new people also in the politics and will discourage the issue of family legacy also.

    What are the views of the members on this?
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    There is a difference between government employees and Politicians. Once you got a job in Government, you will be in that job till you attain the age of retirement. But a politician in power may not be there in the power for a long time. His tenure will be 5 years once he won the election. Second time again he has to contest and win. Then only he will be in power again. So there is no official retirement for them.
    But there can be an age limit for contesting in the elections. People who are above 55 years should not be allowed to contest in any election. The post is not a payment post. Hence there should be an honorarium but not salary to them. The amount should be very reasonable and it should not be very high. There should not be any benefits after coming out of the position like pension, gratuity etc.
    But no politician will accept this. They want to earn as much as possible by all means without any concern for ethics and values. In addition to that they want huge salaries and after retirement benefits also.

    always confident

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