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    Disappointment with lighting in movies and TV shows

    Have you noticed this? You were hooked into a splendid action scene that is packed with motion. Movements are lightening fast to pick. But then the fighters land into a shadowy place while fighting and overall lighting in the screen is the dimmest. No character is distinguishable and the moments are lost in dark. This sort of emphasis on light effects works excellently for horror media and animation, since these medias thrive on showing the unknown and unrefined. Gnarly movements of animation and horror can be neglected and low light atmosphere actually adds to the scene. Low lighting helps artists since they don't have to draw detailed surroundings. But in a plot heavy detailed fight scene or a fast scene, low lighting is not only disturbing but disruptive. This low lighting ruining can be found in a lot of Marvel and DC movies.
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    An interesting observation by the author. I think that may be a flaw in the direction and cinematography and the concerned technicians should take a note of it. Now a days these movies and video shows are present in YouTube or other such places in the internet and when we get time we can mention these shortcomings in the comments below. That will help the people involved with the making of the movie and controlling and adjusting all sorts of effects including lighting.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The technical values of these days movies improved a lot. When you see the pictures of these days and movies of 30 years back, you will see an excellent development in the technical values of the movies. The shortcomings of the actors are being taken by this excellent sound, lighting and other effects. They are adding value to the movies. Old movies are fully dependent on the acting skills of the actors only.
    But as explained by the author, some movies are having the problem due to lack of proper skills and knowledge to the concerned technicians and the director. Such movies are not doing well in the movies.
    A better concentration by the technician and better editing with suitable directional skills movies will make good collections. Otherwise, they will be failures at the box office.

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