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    World's least visited country

    Nauru, is an island nation in Pacific islands. It is the least visited country in the world with as little as 200 visitors per year. The country is so small that you can circumnavigate it in 35 minutes. It has one bank, one post office, one airport and one ATM. What tourist spots the country has to offer? Few remains from world war two times. beautiful beaches and a tropical heaven like climate. Yet this small island became a sovereign by showing it is culturally and lingually different from its neighbors. But the residents of Nauru are the most obese people in the world. This is because the island inhabitants were not used to the diet that they are importing now. Their diet is rich with rice and meat, joined with fats, are making them immensely heavy. But Nauruans have found an effective way to use their obesity. Many Nauruans are world class weight lifters. This small Pacific island is wonderful.
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    Good information about a very small country. As far as I recollect, during the eighties, many artificial satellites, especially of France, used to be launched from Nauru. Kindly correct me if I am wrong.
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    A piece of wonderful information on the small island nation. When the residents can manage with only one bank and a post office it is understood a very few reside there compared to any other small nations.

    It is quite easy for the administration to manage a small number of people and maybe be the number of tourists is so less because there is nothing much to see.


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    An interesting information about the island country Nauru in the pacific. I have some interest in information regarding various places and travel around the world and I want to add something about this peculiar island country.

    It is a small country situated in the North-East of Australia about 4000 km and about l800 km from Papua New Guinea almost in an Easterly direction and is surrounded by many other island countries like Marshall Island, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Island, Federated states of Micronesia etc.

    It has no official capital but Govt offices are located in the city of Yaren. They do not have any stream or river there and collect the drinking water from rooftops during rains. In fact drinking water is imported in this country. They have got deposits of good quality phosphate minerals and same is exported.

    The climate is tropical and due to irregular rainfall the cultivation is limited and moreover the cultivable land itself is limited and the only crops are mainly coconut palms, pandanus, bananas, pineapple, and some vegetables.

    There are a great variety of plants and trees and this island is a favourite stopover point for migratory birds.

    Nauruan is the local dialect and English is the main language. The currency is Australian dollar. They have a President and a Parliamentary system to run the country. Interestingly, there is no Income Tax in Nauru.

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    That's a good piece of information.

    I wonder how difficult is to survive people on rice and meat only. But that's easy for the administration to manage the things. It's easy for the government to maintain things when the country is small and has less population. I was just reading about the country on Google. The population of the country is just 11.5k which is too less if compared with our country.


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    Very interesting information about the island countries in the pacific. They are too small in comparison to our country. I feel it will be so easy for them to manage and administer as each and every person can be approached and contacted individually. I wish I could visit such a small country one day.
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    It is nice to know about the Island. This place is earlier known as Pleasant Island. Banaba Island in Kiribati is its nearest neighbour. The currency here is the Australian Dollar. This island has become independent in the year 1968.
    Nauru's climate is hot. Here it is very humid throughout the year Nauru will have rains in November and February. The temperature here may go up to 35 °C during the day and in nights it will be around 25 °C.
    About 80 per cent of land on this island was having mining activity. The marine life here has been killed to a lot of extent by the phosphate rocks in this area.

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