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    It is illegal to work on Sundays

    I follow a YouTuber called Drew Binsky who travels to different countries. He is travelling to Pacific Islands this week so hence my posts are about Tuvalu, Tonga and Nauru. Tonga is a small island archipelago in Pacific ocean where it is illegal to work on Sundays except if you are a doctor or from police department. The country is heavily Christian and the king had ordered and made it a law in their constitution that working on Sundays is prohibited. The streets are left deserted on Sundays in Tonga and no one is seen outside. Tonga people say they only eat, sleep and pray on Sundays. I found this law quite fascinating. No one works in Tonga from the Saturday midnight to Sunday midnight. Not a shop is open and the whole archipelago goes silent.
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    If king has ordered it then it seems logical that people should follow it. In fact if a person is working for 6 days it is necessary that he gets one day rest that is the 7th day or Sunday.

    Now there are certain things which are required to be understood in this reference. If a citizen has some work on Sunday he can not get it done as all the offices and market is closed. So are people doing everything required on Sundays, online? It also appears that the local transport and other transport facilities are also closed on Sundays so if one has to go out he has to leave on saturday itself. Does not it look like inconvenient?

    What about essential services like electricity and water? Who is monitoring that on Sunday. What about their factories? Are people not working there on Sundays?

    Suppose you go to the fun place say beach or a picnic spot. So if the market is closed where you will have a cup of tea?

    Closing everything on Sunday does not seem to be rational but yes if king has ordered it let it be like that.

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    There is nothing unusual about it since this is a Christian majority state. During one of a lecture on a subject of English literature, we were informed of this practice even in our country. As we are aware of that since 16th century we have been ruled by the British rulers, who used to be the followers of the religion called Christianity & during their time that we began to celebrate the Sunday as without any major official jobs. This was implemented in view of the intentions that more numbers of individuals of the other communities will join them in their prayers & in this way the followers would increase.

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    Working on Sundays can't be 'illegal'. If it is 'illegal', then what about the essential services like healthcare, electricity, water supply, maintaining law & order, etc. If working is 'illegal' on Sundays, then any neighbouring country can attack this country on any Sunday because fighting on Sundays would be illegal for soldiers also.
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    The king has ordered, so everyone has to follow the same. It is true that one has to get a day off in a week after working for 6 days in the week. But instead of closing everything on a particular day if we give scattered offs to different employees on different days the productivity will improve.
    If there is a continuous chemical plant for 24 hours a day, how they can stop working on Sunday. Is it that there are no industries in that country which will be working 24X7. That means the country is a very backward country.
    There is no logic in following and ordering such rules.
    In our country, the weekly offs will vary based on the requirement. In Hyderabad, Balanagar. the industries will give off on Monday and they will be working on Sunday. Continuous plants will give scattered offs.

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    From this thread, it is understood that the people of Tonga eat, sleep and pray on Sundays. It is quite surprising because since everything is closed they have to remain busy with only these three things. Now, divide the whole day, 24 hours, by three and it comes that they spend almost eight hours on each of these activities on Sunday besides having some time to freshen themselves up.

    People can fall ill, so doctors are out of this list and same is applicable for policemen for obvious reasons. There are many other emergency services that are already mentioned by the members in their responses, but one thing I would like to know. What about Television and Radios? Are there no options available for entertainment also on Sundays? I am really surprised!


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    I am interested to know that the same rule will apply to the homemakers or not. An off day is a must to remain an energetic person. None cares for the housewives who do chores on all days. Being a homemaker, I would always welcome such type of a rule, and it must be practised in India too.

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    What about working during the night of the other days, from Monday to Saturday? If they are working sincerely during the day and night without any break or rest from Monday to Saturday, then it is better to rest and sleep tight during the day and night of Sunday. The King's order is right.
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    Haha I have got very interesting responses. So hotels, restaurants and fast food centres are all closed on Sundays in Tonga. I call it illegal because people can be imprisoned for if they work on Sundays and the penalties are huge. People usually buy all necessary goods on Sundays. And also no. Homemakers still work at home. Television and radio seem to work. Internet and telecommunication too. I guess satellite networks are exempt from this rule. Maybe because the rule was made back in 70s.
    And the country has few military personnel who are actually bodyguards of the royalty. So the military exercises won't be much of a necessity since king himself doesnt come out.

    But despite the supposed desertness of the Sundays in Tonga, people do go out to attend Sunday mass and return by noon. This is an entertainment.

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    If it is illegal to work on Sundays then what will happen if someone gets a thing to be got done on sundays. If I have a broken tap and the precious water is going down the drain, will I not be able to call a plumber?

    If there is a fire in a building, the fire extinguisher will not come on the plea that it was Sunday. It looks ridiculous.

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    Nice to have nothing to do on a Sunday. But It depends on the geo-political and social context when we ask ourselves this question. Tuvalu and Tonga, among island nations that you have mentioned were once part of the realm of the Great British Empire. Under the queen's protection and support these island would have managed to have things going.

    But in a country like ours, most of the part time jobs, free-lance sector and the unorganised labour sector cannot dream of such a rule because, the simple rule is if you work you get paid and hence gunning the family and life.

    By the way, these islands have some of the wonderful stamps in the world.

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    If it's a king's order then everyone has to follow it otherwise they may be punished for breaking the rule. But that's unfair as few people may not be able to earn enough so they have to work on Sundays and they are not allowed.

    Also when that's illegal then why they left the police and doctors. They should also not be allowed. I think it's not good for the growth of the nation. It affects the economy of the country because when people have an off they go to the market and other places and spend money and by restricting it the king has stopped the flow of money.

    In India, as there is no such rule and employees are voluntarily allowed to work on over time. Though here in Delhi most of the shops and market are closed on Monday, not on Sundays as most of the people have an off so they can do shopping on Sundays.


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    How is it possible to give holiday on Sunday for everybody ? There are certain services which cannot be closed on any day. In these days water, electricity, cooking gas, medical facilities, law and order protection, etc. So if it becomes compulsory that on Sundays nobody should work, the present living conditions will be in trouble. It may be modified as one day in a week must be made free. No works on that day. If this is implemented then non stop service in all sectors can be guaranteed.
    With this modification the system of working on all seven days can be made illegal. Insisting that workless day must be Sunday will not be workable.
    In fact, I have a feeling that the last day of the week must have been made a holiday. A week actually starts as Sunday, Monday, ... The last day is Saturday. After working for six days the seventh day is made a resting day.


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    Quite good if...people do not fall sick after Saturday needing them to be taken to hospital or doctor by a vehicle, quite good if housewives or whoever be it stops cooking, quite good if cow, buffalo or any milch animal also stops secreting milk after Saturday evening...there are many such ifs.
    Personally I favour 24x7x365 days work and productivity with he workers given sufficient time(days) to rest and recuperate. This is what is being practised in round the clock work in our country and many countries.
    The Tonga system can work in small nations with small number and homogeneous geography and populations.

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