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    The beauty of re-imagining through the digital eyes.

    This wouldn't be an exception when I go on admitting that the high resolution cameras have changed the ways in which we have been perceiving with the things around us which were not possible only a few decades back. The improved mechanisms along with the powerful software tools have contributed a lot in this area. If you don't believe this then request you to pl. review again with your experiences which you referred as surprisingly remarkable simply because those were never possible through our naked eyes.

    The instances in order to prove my stand would be numerous but taking one example of building-up of a nest would be worth considering at this point. Any nest for its completion takes days of efforts but we can be evident of the progress of different stages in just a few seconds. In India the major viewership is with the Cricket but the experience of watching the ball in a slow motion & from different angles which in actual may have the speed of up to 150 KM per Hour, could be an exciting as well. There are insects, animals & birds which is not reachable often but still we are able to get into their insights with never told stories & details etc.

    One of the fact of our life is that we create an impression of a certain entity in our mind on the basis of the different ways in which we look at those & to the current context the science & the technology is responsible for a remarkable job.
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    High resolution cameras/ video cameras have revolutionized the whole thing about the photography and its various aspects.

    Now a days we are talking of high resolution crystal clear images giving us a feel of real life though the colours will have certain change due to the digital pixel handling and mathematical selections in reproducing the colours. That is only a subtle thing and most of the people will not consider that. So, interestingly the high resolution image may appear more clear and glamorous than its real counterpart.

    The technology is being updated in such a fast ways that by the timer I have used my gadget for a few times a newer version boasting advanced features is introduced in the market.

    So these are the good sides of the technology that we are getting to see the world with high resolution and enjoying the natures craft and creations.

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    Technology is improving. We are able to see what is there on the other side of the moon by the photographs taken and transmitted by the satellites. This is the power of man 's brain created by supernatural power. Really the technology development is so fast that we are not able to catch them at the same speed. Hats off to the Scientists and engineers who are behind these developments.
    We have seen a sea change from the days of going to a studio to get a passport size photograph and making round to the studio to get the copies and to the present day of on the stop image capturing techniques and instant photos.

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    Indeed the high-resolution cameras have changed the viewers' experience. Minute details of an object can be captured by these cameras from a great distance which was impossible to think earlier. As the author has mentioned about the motions of the cricket ball, the role of the third umpire is possible because of the latest technologies and high-resolution cameras.

    In almost every game technology is used and especially the on-field cameras play the lead role to minimise the judgemental errors. There are high-resolution images captured by cameras fitted on satellites through which details of any terrain can be found from Google Maps. It's an unbelievable change with enhanced viewers' experience and there are more to expect in the coming days.


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    High resolution is the norm of the day. All the gadgets are being reintroduced with high resolution and hi fidelity. There is a craze for the new devices and people make a beeline for newer and newer versions. Everyone wants to enjoy the high resolution.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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